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‘You’ll Get Hurt’: UConn’s Dan Hurley — Who I Wanna Hate — Just Gets Cooler And Cooler With Interactions Like This

I can't lie…Dan Hurley is a very cool cat.

When Saturday's game between UW and Providence began, Huskies head coach Dan Hurley wasn't exactly happy with his team's start. But at the finish he smiled and straightened up.

During UW's 74-60 win over the Friars, Hurley spent much of the final minutes cheering with opposing fans seated in the second row. Hurley then waved his arms to cheer on other Providence fans and held up both index fingers as he left the court. (Related: South Carolina hits a bizarre buzzer-beater that truly strikes a dagger to the heart to preserve undefeated season)

“I just told him, 'I have a national championship ring, I won the Big East regular season, and I'm a champion,'” Hurley told reporters after the game. ESPN. “And you should shut up and not move your mouth at that point in the match. Hey, get out of here. You know what? Just go.'”

And there was some footage of the incident that Hurley didn't mention. To be honest, I couldn't help but think the Huskies' captain was a little G-ish. And this comes from a lifelong husky hater.

But come on… how can you not get depressed about this party?


This might be the first March Madness where I don't hate UConn…it's crazy how things change.

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