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‘You’re Lucky I Don’t Beat Your A**’: Pistons GM Troy Weaver Gets Into Fiery Exchange With Heckling Detroit Fan

Troy looks so lame in this…

Pistons general manager Troy Weaver thoroughly incensed the jeers of Detroit fans while in the stands, then pointed him directly at security, who had him removed from Little Caesars Arena.

The heated exchange, which was captured on video and later posted on social media, took place during a game against the Pistons. 142-124 They lost to the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday night.

“You threatened me,” the fan told Weaver. (Related: 'It's going to hurt': UConn's Dan Hurley — the guy I want to hate — gets cooler and cooler with interactions like this)

And why did the fans say that?

“You're lucky I didn't give in to your a**,” Weaver lashed out at the fan.

Weaver has not publicly commented on the situation.

Jeffrey Callaway, a 46-year-old heckler fan from Detroit and a Pistons season ticket holder, said he was sitting near Weaver during two interactions with him before he was eventually ejected from the game.


It feels like the players, hell, even the owners, can get away with this…but what about team executives?

It doesn't look good.

Executives are supposed to be the ones who wear suits, handle business professionally, and command respect from the fans even when they're heckling you…come on…you're the general manager. The GM position doesn't have much appeal as it stands (unless you're a cool guy like Billy Beane), so why would you do something like this?

It just devalues ​​the position… It's not an offensive attack to me, but do better, Troy.

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