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Yuma County Announces New Enterprise Risk Administrative Director

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Yuma County is very proud to announce the well-deserved promotion of Robin Stallworth Phuket to Director of Corporate Risk Management.

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Robin’s outstanding career Yuma County For over 25 years, she has consistently demonstrated unparalleled dedication and exemplary performance. Her tenure as County Recorder from 2009 to her 2022 and her ability to build strong relationships across her organization contributed to her success.

In his new role, Robin will be charged with overseeing the county’s risk management program and providing strategic analysis of county operations. Among her key responsibilities, she will spearhead updates to the upcoming strategic plan, facilitate the enterprise risk management system, and assume a variety of other key responsibilities.

Yuma County remains committed to fostering an environment that fosters professional growth and develops the skills of a dedicated workforce. Robin’s promotion to this key leadership position is an inspiration to all employees and highlights the potential for growth and advancement within the organization.

As we move forward, I am confident that under Robin’s leadership, Yuma County’s risk management efforts will reach new heights and ensure a bright and secure future for our community.

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