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Yuma homeowner’s fence height request denied by the city

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – The City of Yuma held a public hearing Thursday morning after a homeowner requested that the allowable height of fences in their front yards be increased from 30 inches to seven feet.

This has been a topic of debate among local residents, with some saying they don't want to see it and others saying they don't mind it being there.

The 33rd Street homeowner and many neighbors spoke out at the public hearing, but the city ultimately denied the homeowners' request.

The hearing officer stated that all criteria must be met for a variance to be granted.

The difference criteria include four:

  • What's special about the property?
  • Special circumstances not caused by the property owner
  • Differentiation is necessary in the enjoyment of property rights
  • Variances have adverse effects on neighborhoods, properties, or surrounding areas.

“Even if three are met, if one is not met, the exception cannot be granted,” Hearing Officer Raymond Urias said. “I agreed with the staff's analysis that criterion one was not met. There were no special circumstances that applied to this property, so I would deny the exception.”

Many nearby residents voiced opinions for and against the fence, and the hearing officer also received a letter of complaint with 20 signatures in opposition.

One neighbor who spoke in support of the landlord said she doesn't think that's fair.

“There are many houses that violate this rule so I think it's wrong to give him special treatment. I think he should appeal as best he can,” a neighbour said.

I spoke with the homeowner who said he plans to fight legally to reverse this decision and keep the fence.

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