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7 Things: Republicans can not stop talking ‘reproductive rights;’ important auto union fight keeps heating up; and more …

7. Interesting reaction To the sun Solar EclipseThis can include “eclipse sickness,” irregular periods, and other unusual symptoms. A Florida woman who claimed God told her to shoot at vehicles on Interstate 10 during a solar eclipse has been arrested and charged with multiple felony charges in connection with the incident.

6. The battle in the 2nd constituency heating On the Republican side, attorney Carolyn Dobson criticized former Sen. Dick Brewbaker's legislative record at an ALGOP congressional forum, saying, “We don't need to send retired politicians to Washington.” Brewbaker said Dobson lied about his record, that his desire to close the border is impossible, and that opposition to tariffs has been a pro-business Republican position for decades, highlighting deep divisions within the party.

Five. Alabama Reps. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) and Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) alternated in harsh criticism of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, with Strong continuing to call for Mayorkas' impeachment for his mismanagement at the southern border, while Carl also called for accountability from Secretary Mayorkas, emphasizing that he and President Joe Biden “inherited the lowest illegal immigration rate in 45 years, yet three years into my presidency, illegal immigration into our country is at an all-time high.”

Four. President Joe Biden urges us to keep buying Votesmore Irresponsible At least he knows his voters because you are better. Details of Biden's proposed student loan forgiveness plan have emerged. The plan aims to provide up to $20,000 in forgiveness to eligible individuals, including those who have been in debt for decades, those who owe more than they owed when they started, and those who attended fake schools, and of course there is a racial component to this buyout plan.

3. It was a big day for Alabama automakers, as their union became No. 1 in the country for auto exports. request Workers' votes and lawmakers continue to fight them. House Majority Leader Scott Stassagen (R-Hartselle) has criticized the UAW, saying, “The UAW is a pyramid scheme selling empty promises to Alabama autoworkers.”

2. A new poll reveals support for IVF among Alabama Republicans, and people favor it, signaling a shift in conservative attitudes toward reproductive technology. The data highlights changing attitudes toward family planning and medical advances among a traditionally conservative demographic, with 61% of Republicans disapproving of the Alabama Supreme Court's decision and 31% supporting it.

1. Former President Trump's abortion decision Annoying your friends, enemy He's right not to support a nationwide ban on abortion because it should be left up to the states. The Biden administration has already advertisement Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), a huge Trump fan, blamed Trump for a woman who claims she nearly died because of the end of Roe v. Wade. decision He said the line should be drawn “respectfully.” Earned Trump said he regretted helping Graham get elected (which he did not do) and accused Graham of “handing the dream to the Democrats.”

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