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Arizona fire crew, including 3 from Cochise County, fighting wildfires in Texas

COCHISE COUNTY, Ariz. (KGUN) — Texas Forestry and Fire Management firefighters have been battling multiple wildfires in the Texas Panhandle for a week. One of those federal employees is from Arizona, and three are from Cochise County.

A3S Engine Captain 631 Travis Adcock and his team are stationed in Douglas and Elfrida. They're in Texas for a week doing wildfire relief. He says this is the biggest fire he's had to put out.

“This is absolutely huge,” Adcock said. Over a million acres, three or four different fires broke out after that, and everyone who could put out the fires got involved. ”

The Smokehouse Creek Fire is the largest of the fires, having already burned 1,076,638 acres. Mr Adcock said his crews were headed to that fire last night but were diverted to the new blaze. Windy and dry conditions are causing the fire to progress rapidly.

Adcock said the fires are impacting local residents, including ranchers, farmers and livestock.

“You don't want to ruin people's lives, and that's what's happening right now,” he said. That's what I think they're going to do. ”

Adcock said he and his crew plan to return to Arizona on March 14 after up to two weeks on the scene of the fire. He also said crews rarely leave the state before monsoon as the need may arise within the state.

Alexis Lamangel I'm a reporter for KGUN 9 in Cochise County. She began her journalism career at the Herald/Review in her hometown of Sierra Vista.Share your story ideas by emailing Alexis or by connecting Facebook.

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