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Arrest made out of Arizona in 2009 La Plata County murder

Ignacio, Colorado (KRDO) – An arrest has been made in an unsolved case of a 14-year-old in southern Colorado.

On January 1, 2009, Larry Fuller was shot while walking from a sidekick bar in Ignacio, a town southeast of Durango near the New Mexico border.

Fuller was 49 at the time of the murder.

On Friday, May 26, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced that the suspect in Fuller’s murder had finally been arrested.

David Hendren, 38, was arrested May 18 in Navajo Nation, Arizona. He has been charged with first-degree murder in Fuller’s death. Hendren appeared in court Friday morning and is awaiting extradition to Durango by the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

David Hendren, 38, CBI

In February 2023, the Ignacio Police Department requested that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) be the lead investigative agency for this unsolved case. The CBI has supported the investigation since Mr. Fuller’s death in 2009.

In the course of this years-long investigation, CBI interviews identified Hendren, leading to his arrest.

Investigators believe Fuller’s death may have been the result of an altercation at a bar earlier that night.

Officials said the suspect’s discovery was a joint effort between the CBI and the Navajo Nation Police Department, Ignacio Police Department, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, and Southern Ute Police Department.

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