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‘Biden Can’t Do The Job’: Daily Caller Columnist Calls Out Dems For Creating Their Own ‘Fake Joe,’ Over-Edited Videos

Daily Caller columnist Mary Luke on Friday accused Democrats of creating their own “fake” President Joe Biden with over-edited, “cheesy fake” videos.

Luke appeared on “Carl Higbee Frontline” to talk about Biden's campaign and its use of over-edited videos posted to social media. The Newsmax TV guest host brought up a recent opinion piece in the Huffington Post that suggests Biden should “leverage” artificial intelligence to appeal to voters, despite Democrats recently accusing Republicans of using “cheap fake” and selectively edited videos to mislead voters about Biden's mental state. (RELATED: Joe Biden posts heavily edited video, White House slams as “cheap fake”)

“It's like a two-week period between when they were accused of putting out a cheap fake and when they begged the White House to make a 'cheap fake,'” Luke said. “And that's because they understand that Joe Biden can't do the job. He embarrassed them so badly on the debate stage that now they have to just sit back and be an AI image of themselves, basically.”

“They put it out there. There's always been this conspiracy theory called 'Fake Joe,'” she continued. “They've now created their own fake Joe, put that guy in the presidency so that as long as he's alive, they can make videos. The White House has been running fake videos of Joe Biden for a long time already.”

“We have the great White House reporter Reagan Reese covering this, and as you know, the White House is putting out videos that are two to three minutes long with 30 edits,” Luke added. “It's cut, cut, cut, because the White House can't just stand there for two minutes and read off a teleprompter and do whatever they want, so they have to film the White House from different angles, use different angles to make it look like the White House is in control of the room or the speech that the White House is giving at the time.”

“The reality is, when he sits down in front of the American people and has to address them, he mumbles, stutters, looks confused, doesn't know where he is, and then he quickly turns around and runs off the stage.”

Biden's poor performance in the debate against former President Donald Trump has led many Democrats and voters across the country to question the president's mental health. After the debate, a CBS/YouGov poll found that 72% of Americans believe Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health necessary to serve as president.

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