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Biden Proposes Increasing Budget Of Agency Pushing Gun Regulations By 30%

President Joe Biden's proposed budget includes a 30% increase in funding for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Under Biden's proposed 2025 budget, the agency would receive $2 billion, a 30% increase from 2021. according to To the White House. The agency continues to push for new firearms regulations, including a “zero tolerance” policy that targets all gun traffickers found not complying with the law, crackdown on “ghost guns,” and Regulations are being tightened. private seller.

The White House said the increased funding, part of a $17.7 billion allocation to the Department of Justice (DOJ), will help the agency “effectively investigate and prosecute gun crimes.”

Recently, agency whistleblowers told the watchdog group Empower Oversight in January that the ATF had 1,300 pages of documents supporting proposed rules that would “effectively prohibit private sales of firearms from one citizen to another.” He said he has prepared a draft. In August, the agency announced proposed regulations that would change the definition of “engaged in the business of” firearms sales to include private sellers, including those who sell to friends and family from their homes. Obtain licenses and perform background checks on buyers.

“ATF officers did not sign up to pursue law-abiding citizens for the purpose of private trafficking, which is protected by the Second Amendment,” Empower Oversight Chair Tristan Leavitt said in a statement. Ta. statement. (Related: Biden fulfills long-held wish of gun control activists to create Office of Gun Violence Prevention)

Biden in June 2021 instructed The Justice Department wants them to show that they have “zero tolerance for willful violations of law by federally licensed firearms dealers that endanger public safety.” include Even clerical mistakes. ATF dramatically increased the number of firearms dealer licenses being revoked in the following year.

ATF seeks to crack down on 'ghost guns' through 'frame-or-receiver' rule. The rule expands the definition of a firearm to include a kit of parts that is “readily convertible into a functioning weapon,” or “a functioning weapon 'frame' or 'receiver.'”

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found The restrictions were made illegal in November. The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court to: go backwards Judgment in February.

“In promulgating the final rule, the ATF sought to assume Congress's role in 'doing something' regarding gun control,” said U.S. Circuit Judge Kurt Engelhardt. I have written in the decision. “But it is not the power of the executive branch to make laws for our country.”

In February, the Supreme Court heard a case concerning the ATF's Trump-era bump stock ban, which the Biden administration has continued to defend.

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