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Bill Maher Reveals His Presidential ‘Dream Ticket’

Bill Maher's dream is that his ticket to the 2024 presidential election is for President Biden to run with Nikki Haley as his vice president, he said during a “Real Time” panel discussion on Friday.

Haley this week congratulated her as the likely candidate after losing nearly every state to Trump on Super Tuesday and dropping out of the race, but said the former president needed to “earn.” However, he declined to express support. Voters who don't support him. (Related: 'Ruth Bader Biden': Bill Maher calls President-elect Biden 'selfish')

“It's up to Donald Trump to capture the votes of those who didn't support him, both inside and outside his party, and I hope he does,” Haley said. “The best thing about politics is bringing people to your cause, not pushing them away. And our conservative cause needs more people,” Maher said. , said Haley had no future in the Republican Party and needed to consider other political avenues.

“What I'm thinking about is replacing the vice president,” Maher suggested to Pac correspondent Tara Palmeri. “Because she's not very popular everywhere. And that didn't seem to work. And, I don't know, the same thing has been done with tickets before.”

“I know it's foolish to think she could run with Biden, but that's my dream and that's the ticket of unity,” Maher added. “I think he'll definitely win if he does that.'' Ma also floated the idea of ​​hiring Sen. Mitt Romney to be Biden's secretary of state. “We should do something to make sure we don't live in a world where everyone sees the other as an existential threat,” Maher explained.

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