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‘Can He Even Survive?’: Trump PAC Ad Launches On MSNBC Ahead Of SOTU

A super PAC supporting former President Donald Trump has launched an ad that debuted on MSNBC ahead of Thursday's State of the Union address.

The “Jugular” ad released by Make America Great Again Inc. includes a clip of Biden seemingly losing his train of thought and saying, “I need to clear up.” [his] Please be a little concerned here. ” The narrator then ponders whether Biden “can survive until 2029,” when his second term ends.

“Everyone can see Joe Biden's weakness. If Biden wins, will he be able to survive until 2029?” the narrator asked. “The real question is, can I do it?”

The ad first ran on MSNBC's Morning Joe, a show that Biden reportedly endorses. according to To Mediaite. The episode was also broadcast on Newsmax, Fox News and CNN ahead of Thursday night's State of the Union address. (Related: Biden uses DeSantis debate remarks in anti-Trump ad)

The ad ended with viral footage of Biden stumbling on the steps of Air Force One and a shot of Vice President Kamala Harris laughing.

President Trump announced Wednesday that he would broadcast a “live” commentary of Biden's State of the Union address to correct “all the inaccurate statements” made by the president on a wide range of issues.

While Biden's approval ratings remain low, Trump is leading in several general election polls. A New York Times/Siena College poll released Saturday found that 10% of 2020 Biden supporters have shifted their support to Trump, in several key battleground states including Wisconsin and Michigan. Even more people thought Biden was in the lead.

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