VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Blue Laws For Red Citizens

One state prosecutor and one private plaintiff have already won huge fines and damages from former President Donald Trump, which could exceed $500 million, including legal fees. President Trump faces additional civil and criminal charges in three other federal, state and local indictments. These five cases, involving plaintiff E. Jean Carroll, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin […]

FACT CHECK: No, This Email from Google Claiming Gmail is Shutting Down is Not Real

Images shared by various socializing media Sites claim that Google has announced that it will “retire” its Gmail service in August 2024. Verdict: False Google hasn't announced the end of its Gmail service, but it does plan to retire older versions of the platform. A Google spokesperson directed Check Your Fact to post about X […]

Pamela Anderson Makes Rare On-Stage Appearance With Madonna

Pamela Anderson surprised fans Wednesday by joining Madonna on stage during her concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The unexpected surprise shocked the audience and added to the excitement of fans who had no idea Anderson would be making a guest appearance. Madonna performed in front of a sold-out crowd, and fans went wild when […]

Arthur Engoron Denies Trump Bid To Pause Judgment

A New York judge on Thursday rejected former President Donald Trump's efforts to delay enforcement of a $354 million judgment. The announcement was made by New York Judge Arthur Engoron. Email He was scheduled to sign the proposed ruling Thursday, less than 24 hours after Mr. Trump's lawyers requested a delay, by New York's Democratic […]

VA Dedicates New Headstones For Black Soldiers Executed After 1917 Riots

Seventeen black soldiers who the Army recently determined were wrongfully executed for their involvement in the 1917 Houston riots received new headstones at a ceremony Thursday. The Army vacated the court-martial convictions of 110 black soldiers (including 19 who were sentenced to death) on charges related to the 1917 Rebellion, to mark them receiving honorable […]

San Francisco Store Tries New Method To Combat Shoplifting: REPORT

KRON4 reports that in response to a “shoplifting epidemic,” San Francisco businesses are introducing new shopping systems to thwart would-be criminals. Fredrickson's Hardware and Paint is reportedly experimenting with a one-on-one shopping experience for several hours a day. The agency said customers will be waiting to be attended to by employees as entrances are blocked […]

MLB’s New Uniforms Are So Cheap You Can See Players’ Balls

Major League Baseball's new uniforms give a whole new meaning to the phrase “speak loud or shut up.” MLB's new uniforms from Fanatics are so cheaply and poorly made that you can literally see players' nutsacks through their pants. Numerous photos and videos of MLB players rocking new threads reveal family treasures in see-through white […]