North Korea Prepares Launch Of Second Spy Satellite After Failed Attempt

North Korea is preparing to launch a spy satellite into orbit after a failed launch earlier this year, The Associated Press reported. North Korea plans to launch a satellite in late August or early September and will resume long-range missile tests, the Associated Press reported. report. The increased military aggression comes in response to upcoming […]

Despite Massive ‘Bidenomics’ Push, Voters Still Don’t Trust Biden To Handle Economy

A new poll shows that President Joe Biden has low approval ratings for the economy, even as he flies across the country on a “Bidenomics” tour for re-election. Biden, his wife, and senior administration officials are traveling around the country as part of a coordinated campaign officially known as “The Campaign.”Investing in America Blitz‘ To […]

Study On COVID Misinformation Is — You Guessed It — Chock Full Of COVID Misinformation

A new study released Tuesday accused many doctors of spreading misinformation about COVID-19 on social media, despite a hotly debated claim called misinformation. The study, published by the Journal of the American Medical Association and funded through internal support from the University of Massachusetts, found that the researchers found “mistakes” such as mask use and […]

‘Not Going To Sit Back And Watch’: Georgia Sen Calls On Kemp To Investigate Fani Willis

Georgia Republican Senator Colton Moore wrote to Governor Brian Kemp demanding that Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis be investigated for possible abuse of his position of power. A grand jury indicted Trump late Monday night on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 Georgia presidential election. The jury also indicted 18 others, including Trump […]

FACT CHECK: No, Belarus Did Not Expel Russian Citizens

video shared on Facebook Claims that Belarus expelled Russian citizens. Verdict: False There is no evidence for this claim. Fact check: Poland has reportedly sent thousands of troops to its border with Belarus Associated Press. Poland has increased its defense budget over the past year, according to the newspaper. Social media users claim that Belarusian […]

‘One Tree Hill’ Star Says Her Castmates Saved Her From A Cult

Actress Bethany Joy Lenz reveals she was trapped in a ‘biblical cult’ throughout her time on ‘One Tree Hill’ and helped her castmates get out of it He said he gave it to me. According to a recent interview, Lenz was part of a cult throughout the show’s run from 2003 to 2012. variety. She […]

Terrifying Video Shows Residents Escaping Wildfire Flames By Fleeing Into The Ocean

Shocking video footage shows Maui residents desperately jumping into the sea to escape looming wildfires. A video posted on TikTok showed several people walking in the water and at least two more climbing as the fires rapidly approached. The area was enveloped in smoke, and the sky turned almost black. The death toll from these […]