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Chilton County residents share appreciation for reliable internet and Uniti Fiber – ‘connectivity is important’

Uniti Fiber announced the completion of a major broadband project providing high-speed internet service along the US 31 corridor outside Jemison, Alabama.

“Unity Fiber is a passionate partner in the broadband expansion efforts underway in rural Alabama because of the economic and livelihood opportunities that access to 21st century technology can create in the state’s more remote areas. Because we understand that quality improvement is the key to quality improvement,” said President Andy. Newton said.

“Especially in the retail industry, where even the simplest day-to-day tasks rely on connectivity to the internet and other networks, we are proud that our work is making a positive difference in the Jemison community. I'm glad to hear that.''Euro

Many local residents and small business owners in the Jemison area and other parts of Chilton County expressed their support and appreciation for Unity's efforts to modernize broadband in the area.

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Local business owner Cameron Beam described the days before the expansion as “challenging.”

“Checks are done using EBT cards, WIC cards. Debit cards, credit cards, all done over the internet. We also use it to connect to our warehouse and submit orders. , download pricing and everything you need on a daily basis,” said Beam, who runs the only grocery store in 25 Miles. “Before Uniti, things were a little tough. I'm being rude. I think there were probably days when I couldn't connect to the internet. Uniti Fiber is amazing.”

“We are on our feet and business is up left and right because of our ability to serve our customers.”

John Gilbert, vice president of Active Tractor, a local lawn mower parts, service and sales business, identified some of the problems his company experienced before the Uniti project.

“We had frequent downtimes, so we had to maintain a cell phone hotspot to keep credit card processing going. We lost customers because it took too long to find parts. . It was a real drag on our business,” Gilbert said. “I can't think of any other way to express it. [Uniti Fiber] It's been really great for our business. ”

Tracia Bassey, church administrator at Lighthouse Church, said the update helps support the community.

“Connection is important for people who need to connect with us online. Perhaps they need to connect with us for words of encouragement or uplifting, or connect with us for support. , that's probably the only place to connect with people,' “Please help,'' Bassey said. “It's amazing how when something becomes so reliable, you forget how bad it was before.”

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Chris Williams, co-owner of Professional Computing Solutions, praised Uniti's role in improving the overall quality of life and business in the region.

“I think the quality of life for our customers and the quality of service to our customers has improved tremendously since Unity Fiber has been involved in their business, especially in small towns like Jemison. If you're one of the few places that provides services, whether it's a good thing or a necessary thing, whether it's being able to go to the dentist and get your teeth fixed, or being able to go to church and even launch a Bible app on your phone, or whether the church exists or not; We were able to live stream the service for those who could not come to church that Sunday. Uniti Fiber's efforts have improved the quality of our business, including creating reports and sending emails. ”

Uniti Fiber is also currently working with local providers to expand residential broadband access in communities through middle-mile infrastructure.

Austin Shipley is a staff writer at Yellowhammer News.

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