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CLANCY: Evidence Suggests Joe Biden Conspired To Defraud American Voters. Where’s His Indictment?

The growing evidence is overwhelming and frightening. Biden apparently lied multiple times during the 2020 presidential campaign about his knowledge and role in his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings and corrupt influence peddling.

Remember Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. He insisted:

“I have never spoken with my son about overseas business dealings.”

“I don’t talk to my son about business.”

and again, “I have never spoken to my son or brother or anyone else about anything related to their business.”

Note the assertive and demonstrative emphasis on “never,” “nothing,” and “duration.” Now, eyewitnesses prove lies one after another.

This week, explosive testimony Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee about Joe Biden’s participation in calls and dinners with Hunter and Hunter’s business associates.

in him Statement on Devon Archer’s Testimony Released after the hearing, the committee’s chairman, James Comer, Republican, Kentucky, said Archer had killed his father, then-Vice President Biden, at least 20 years ago during business talks to help Hunter sell the “brand.” He said he testified that he let him speak on speakerphone several times. According to Kammer, “Joe Biden was a ‘brand’ that his son sold around the world to enrich the Biden family.”

Archer also released personal letter The Vice President’s official letterhead contains a handwritten note from Joe Biden to Archer, who said Joe Biden was “happy” and, according to Archer’s description, “excited” about Hunter’s new venture. There is.”

In June, an IRS whistleblower testified before the House Ways and Means Committee regarding the July 30, 2017 allegations. WhatsApp messages From Hunter to Chinese energy company CEFC executive Henry Zhao:

“”i’m sitting here with my dad and we I want to know why the promise was not fulfilled. Tell the director you want to fix it now before it gets out of hand. Now means tonight.

And when I receive a phone call or text message from anyone related to this matter other than Z, you, Mr. Zhang, the chairman, I will definitely make sure that: the man sitting next to me and everyone he knows And my ability to forever hold a grudge against you for not following my instructions.

i’m sitting here waiting for a call my father.“”

A few days later, according to news reportCEFC transferred $5 million to one of Hunter’s companies.

But during the October 2020 presidential debate, in response to a direct question from a debate moderator, Mr. Biden claimed that Mr. Hunter never profited from business deals with China. These claims have now been directly refuted by his son, who admitted during a federal defense hearing on federal tax evasion charges that he received millions of dollars in payments from business dealings with China. rice field. Biden’s false denials during the 2020 presidential election hurt Biden “Four Pinocchios” (Name for “Whoppers” only) Washington Post A fact checker after receiving a confession from a hunter.

An IRS whistleblower also produced the following report: FBI Form FD-1023 It was announced by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). The form, used by FBI special agents to record raw and unconfirmed information obtained from classified sources, contains an informant’s account of a deal with the Bidens in connection with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. It is on record, including payments of $5 million and $5 million “to pay one Biden.” “For another Biden.”

Another of Hunter’s business partners, Tony Bobrinski, prepared an email outlining the distribution of shares to the partners in connection with the business deal with CEFC. “Ten[%] Owned by Mr. H [Hunter] for big guys [Joe Biden]”.

Additionally, White House visitation records show that Hunter’s business associates made nearly all of the profits. 100 visits I went to the White House when Joe Biden was Vice President.

All these Biden lies during the election colluded with 51 former national intelligence officials in the Biden campaign to try to deceive voters through official statements disguising Hunter’s laptop and emails as Russian disinformation. made worse by (Related: Clancy: Biden ‘The Campaign Will Be Excited’ – A Sneak Tale of CIA Election Interference) In fact, the Biden campaign was so excited that Biden campaign chairman Steve Ricketty called former acting CIA Director Michael Morrell to personally thank him for the public statement.

And, of course, Congressional Democrats, the liberal press, Twitter, and Facebook all supported the conspiracy to spread false narratives and censor the truth long after the Biden election.

It’s time for Biden to be held accountable.

Evidence indicates that Hunter was engaged in a clout peddling scheme to make millions of dollars selling Joe Biden’s brand. He was going to plead guilty to tax evasion.

Evidence suggests that Joe Biden knowingly attended business meetings with Hunter and his business associates in person or by phone for this purpose, and that he was involved in fraud during and after the 2020 presidential election. He has been shown to have lied about his knowledge and involvement to cover up his actions.

Evidence shows that Biden and his presidential campaign conspired with former intelligence officials to discredit Hunter’s laptop and emails as Russian disinformation until after the presidential election.

All this evidence (which is just a brief summary of the vast body of evidence collected to date) shows that Joe Biden willfully colluded with many co-conspirators to defraud the United States and its voters, and to commit corruption to corrupt integrity. It indicates that you were trying to sabotage and destroy the The 2020 presidential election stipulated in the Constitution. Reflected in number of polls since 2020 and assessment of former Attorney General Bill Barrthis conspiracy influenced the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The crucial question, therefore, is where is Joe Biden’s indictment?

Michael Clancy is a lawyer, a member of the Federalist Society, and a frequent contributor to The Daily Caller on constitutional and political issues. follow him on twitter @Mike Clancy.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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