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‘Cruising Through This’: Dem Fox Panelist Questions Disconnect Between Biden’s High Primary Polls, Low Survey Results

Democratic Fox News panelist Jessica Tarloff on Tuesday pointed to the contrast between President Joe Biden's strong primary numbers and consistently low poll numbers.

Tarloff appeared on a panel on Fox's 2024 Super Tuesday coverage to discuss the state's final results. During the debate, Fox host Bret Baier asked Tarlov about Biden's upcoming State of the Union address, asking if the president could bridge the gap. between public sentiment and his supposed achievements.

Tarlov emphasized that while Biden's message needs to be better tailored, the president's primary results across the states on Super Tuesday are showing strong results, exceeding 90%. Tarlov questioned this result compared to his recent results. New York Times/Siena Polls show voters strongly disapprove of Biden's term in office, and voters said they believe they still support him. (Related: Biden reportedly pressured aides to be themselves before election)

“'Most resilient of the G7' is not a sexy slogan. It's not for those of us who can chew it out and talk about jobs numbers, unemployment rates, record oil production, etc. It doesn't make much sense to people, but it won't resonate the same way. I'm a member of the American Presbyterian Millennials, but they were ready but couldn't buy an apartment, or they could buy one. “We were really proud of what we had in our savings account, but because of interest rates and mortgage rates, we couldn't afford to do that this year,” Tarlov said. Ta.

“For people who support Republicans, people who support Democrats, and independents, this is a reality. But it definitely needs to get its message across better, and that's what I'm really concerned about. Because it feels like the message is tailored only to a certain group of people who agree with you on everything…But Joe Biden is cruising on this issue tonight.”

“I mean, we're looking at numbers like 90%, 91%, 92%, 93%, when I thought Dean Phillips existed, or when I tracked the number of voters who weren't committed to him. I'm old enough to remember when the Democratic Party came out and said Joe Biden is one of us and we're fine with that, but that's because, for example, the New York Times and the Siena poll. I'm not the kind of person to sit here and question the methodology, but if it was November 5th, I don't think we'd see anything like that for Biden in Arkansas or around the country. It will make you think about all the people who are gathered together in large numbers. [are] “We are sending a clear message that we are working with Biden on this and that will not change,” Tarlov said.

Biden won overwhelming Democratic primaries Tuesday night in states such as Texas, Alabama, Maine, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Colorado, Vermont and Iowa. , won an overwhelming victory. according to Go to AP results. In many of the states he won, the president won with high approval ratings from voters. Alabama At 90%, texas 86.7%, colorado 84.9%, and maine AP results were 93% at the time of publication.

But surveys of voters across the country consistently show disapproval of Biden's term in office and the direction of the country. The New York Times/Siena poll found that of 980 registered voters surveyed, only one in four believed the country was headed in the right direction. Additionally, the poll found that nearly 47% of Americans do not “strongly approve” of Biden's performance.

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