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‘Delay Is Her Middle Name’: Dem State Attorney Rips Judge For Granting Trump Request In Docs Case

Democratic state prosecutors criticized U.S. District Judge Eileen Cannon of the Southern District of Florida for agreeing to consider arguments about presidential immunity.

Cannon on Saturday agreed to extend a deadline in former President Donald Trump's classified documents case to allow prosecutors time to respond to a request for a stay filed by Trump's defense team following the Supreme Court's Monday ruling on presidential immunity. according to According to The New York Times, Dave Aronberg, the Democratic state's attorney for Palm Beach County, accused Cannon of “continuing to coddle” Trump during the trial. (Related: Justice Thomas questions constitutionality of Jack Smith appointment)


“If Judge Cannon were to dismiss the charges against Donald Trump, it would be immediately appealed to the 11th Circuit, which would likely overturn the decision and ultimately remove her from the case,” Aronberg told MSNBC host Alex Witt. “So she has to tread carefully, but delay is a regular part of her game. She's going to continue to delay this case, or continue to lean toward delaying it, and continue to accommodate every request of the former president. So this decision by the Supreme Court on immunity further delays the document lawsuit, which is the most significant case against Donald Trump, but in any case, this case was never going to be heard before the election.”

Justice Clarence Thomas questioned the constitutionality of the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith in the immunity case, something Trump's lawyers mentioned during Friday's hearing. FilingCannon heard arguments in June about the constitutionality of Smith's appointment, where Trump's lawyers had argued that Smith, who was neither nominated by the president nor confirmed by the Senate, was improperly appointed.

“I think Judge Cannon will be very careful before ruling that the special counsel is unconstitutional because that would be at odds with other courts and she will likely appeal to the 11th Circuit, which could not only overturn the ruling but remove her from the case,” Aronberg said.

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