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Democratic Rep. Goldman Doubles Down On False Talking Point From Devon Archer Testimony

Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman doubled down on congressional testimony by former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer, hearing transcripts show.

Devon Archer accuses Hunter Biden of being his father before the House Oversight Committee, even though Goldman told Goldman that he underestimated Joe Biden’s involvement in his July 31 testimony. He continues to claim that he sold the “fantasy” of contact with

“So is it fair to say Hunter Biden was selling the illusion of having access to his father?” Goldman asked Archer. according to transcript. (Related: Joe Biden attends dinner with Burisma executives in DC, Devon Archer testifies)

“Yes,” he replied.

“So when it comes to selling brands,” Goldman continued.


“–It’s not about selling access to fathers. It’s about selling the illusion of having access to fathers. Is that fair?” Goldman said.

“Is that fair?

“It’s almost fair. Why is it almost fair?” the representative asked, according to the record.

“Because there were touchpoints and contact points and I can’t deny that it happened, but nothing of significance was discussed. But you can’t record that there was communication.” said Archer.

Goldman continued to pursue Archer on the “illusion” question later in Archer’s testimony.

“And we’ve talked before about how we like to project this image, this illusion of Hunter Biden accessing his father,” Goldman said, the records show.

“Hmm,” said Archer.

“Was this part of his effort to say, ‘Hey, I’m Joe Biden’s son and I talk to Joe Biden a lot,'” Goldman followed.

Records show that Archer replied, “Yes.” “I don’t want to guess what he was thinking. But it’s just common sense, it’s the brand, it’s the value, and yes.

Mr. Goldman asked a similar question about the “illusion” of access, and Mr. Archer is on record to answer in the affirmative. Towards the end of his testimony, Archer elaborated on what he meant by “illusions” to Goldman.

“Yes, yes, like I said from the beginning, it wasn’t, they didn’t, it’s like when Jamie Dimon came to talk about an IPO,” Archer said. Told. “He doesn’t know what the price will be or when the date will be. It was just a conversation, it wasn’t part of the conversation. But the real tangible asset in the portfolio is the lobbying and his DC was the career of

Goldman referred to the record on Twitter on Monday. fox news article On the subject of Goldman’s “fantasy”.

Self-proclaimed Biden defender [Rep. Dan Goldman] I came to interview Devon Archer with an agenda,” said the House Oversight Committee. tweeted With links to Fox articles. “Unfortunately for Goldman, the interview did not go as he claimed.” (Related: ‘He was a threat’: Devon Archer says Ukrainian prosecutor Joe Biden was fired because of Burisma business)

“Please read the # record,” said Goldman answered To the oversight committee tweet.

Shortly after Archer’s testimony on July 31, Goldman held a press conference, claiming that Joe Biden only talked to his son’s business partner about “weather.”Goldman told Politico Archer said Hunter Biden was “selling the illusion of having access to his father” and downplayed Hunter’s overseas business deals.

Archer testified that Joe Biden had “more than 20” conversations with foreign business associates of Hunter Biden. Archer describes how the Biden family “brand” protected Ukrainian energy company Burisma and enabled it to continue operating after Burisma appointed Archer and Hunter Biden to its board of directors in 2014. explained whether

Archer said in 2015, a year after Joe Biden and Hunter Biden dined with Russian oligarch Elena Baturina at a cafe in Washington, D.C., that Joe Biden had met his son, Burisma executive Vadim Pojar. He admitted to skiing and attending dinners.

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