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Democratic Senate Candidate Open To Age Limits For Office Amid Biden Health Concerns

Democratic Rep. Katie Porter of California, a candidate in the state's 2024 Senate race, said Monday that she will not be considered for the presidency or other high-level positions amid widespread criticism of President Joe Biden's age and suitability. It was reported that he suggested that age restrictions should be considered. Politico report.

Porter is competing against California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for the state Senate seat currently held by Democratic Sen. LaFonza Butler, who was appointed to the role after the death of the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein. and Barbara Lee. During Monday's candidate debate, Porter was asked whether Biden, 81, and former President Donald Trump, 77, were the two leading candidates, and he said there should be an “age limit” for high-level public office. He suggested that the public should consider this. Democratic Party and republican party Presidential candidates can serve four-year terms, Politico report. (Related: Almost 90% of Americans think Biden is 'too old' to serve another term as president: poll)

“I generally believe that age limits should be discussed by all elected officials,” Porter said in response to a question, according to a report in Politico. However, she said:[w]When I'm evaluating President Biden, what I'm looking for is results, what he brought to help my family. And I'm happy with what he's done so far. ”

On Thursday, Department of Justice (DOJ) Special Counsel Robert Hur said: report About the months-long investigation into Biden illegally possessing classified information in his home and office before he took office. Mr. Xu declined to press criminal charges, but in a report after the interview said Mr. Biden was an “old man with a poor memory” who had forgotten important details of his life. (Related article: 'Absolutely clear': John Fetterman says he's never seen Biden suffer from cognitive impairment)

But Porter's comments were an outlier among Democrats on stage during Monday's debate. Schiff, who led the first impeachment inquiry against Trump in 2019 and is the frontrunner to be arraigned in the House of Representatives in 2023, has defended Biden, saying Trump is not fit to be president at any age. Politico reported that he claimed not.

The only candidate to directly attack Biden on stage was leading Republican candidate and former Major League Baseball player Steve Garvey. “It makes me sad to see his current situation,” Garvey said, according to Politico.

At 50 years old, Porter is one of the youngest of the three main Democratic candidates in the race. Mr. Schiff is 63 years old and Mr. Lee is 77, the same age as Mr. Trump.Recent polls show that Schiff 10% lead Lee took third place, ahead of Porter.

A recent Ipsos poll for ABC News found that 86% of voters think Biden is “too old” to serve as president, and 62% have similar concerns about Trump. There is.

Under California's nonpartisan jungle primary system, all candidates from all parties compete in a single primary, then the top two candidates, regardless of party, advance to the general election in November.

The Biden campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

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