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DEROY MURDOCK: Joe Biden’s DOJ Is Where Justice Goes To Die

The Department of Justice should honestly call itself Biden Campaign Headquarters. With the dreadful smell of East Germany wafting through the windows, the cabinet machine is persecuting the president’s arch-enemy, Donald J. Trump, and keeping the heat of the Biden family at bay. Even so, the temperature is higher than in July.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Four Indictments RegularThe bill, which was unveiled Tuesday, aims to jail Trump for using his First Amendment-protected free speech to challenge the validity of the 2020 election. Never mind Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and countless other Democrats. challenged the legitimacy About the 2016 election. For three years, they called President Trump unjust. Shouted out A deliberately false claim that he won only with the help of Vladimir Putin.

When will Smith indict these Democrats?

I never have.

Smith calls President Trump a “fake electoral vote plan,” even though Congressional Democrats oppose the Republican electoral rolls and call for them to be replaced with alternate Democratic electoral votes from contested states. I want to be detained because of 1969, 2001, 2005, 2017. They had every right to do so, just like Republicans. Martin Sheen, Noah Wylie, and other celebrities put pressure on Trump electors to: ignore voters in your statedefect and support Hillary.

When will Smith indict these Democrats?

I never have.

Smith also makes it a crime to provide or accept legal advice with which the Justice Department disagrees. If the Attorney General does not like their arguments, America’s judiciary will collapse if attorneys cannot counsel their clients without fear of federal prosecution. (Related article: Alan Dershowitz: Trump indictment brings banana republic closer)

“Undoubtedly, corrupting the U.S. judicial system to punish former presidents and incumbents will make this country even more dangerous.” Tribalism, Confusion, and Collapse‘, Alan Dershowitz wrote in an article on Wednesday. daily mail. Regarding Smith’s indictment, Harvard Law School professor emeritus denounced “the speculative nature of its legal basis and the lack of conclusive evidence.”

Smith’s 45-page indictment deserves to be buried under the remains of the Berlin Wall.

Smith’s charges most conveniently arrived the day after Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer met with the House Oversight Committee. This follows a familiar pattern. When the Bidens feel the heat, the Justice Department quickly puts the flames to rest with fresh accusations against Trump. (Related: Victor Davis Hanson: Two Laws That Apply to Two Americas)

On June 7, new documents showed that Ukrainian gas company Burisma paid Joe and Hunter. $5 million each. On June 8, the Justice Department indicted Trump over classified Mar-a-Lago documents.

On July 26, Hunter’s plea deal was broken. On July 27, Smith revealed a charge of “replacement” of Mar-a-Lago.

On July 31, Archer’s testimony set the Bidens on fire. On Aug. 1, Mr. Smith lashed out at Mr. Trump with accusations related to Jan. 6.

Nonetheless, the Bidens seem to be occupying the ring of fire.

  • On July 29, the Department of Obstruction asked a federal judge: Imprisonment of Speed ​​Archer (on an unrelated charge) two days before his testimony in the Capitol. Anger exploded and the Justice Department withdrew.

These scammers instructed the IRS on May 15: Stop the 13-man investigation into Hunter’s taxes. The Justice Department’s investigation into Mr. Hunter’s tax fraud was so callous that a statute of limitations was imposed on Mr. Hunter. obvious tax evasion In 2014 and 15.

  • According to IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, whose agency had hoped to search Hunter’s Northern Virginia storage facility in December 2020, Shapley told House investigators: Justice Department prosecutor Leslie Wolfe said, “We simply contacted Hunter Biden’s attorneys. told him about the storage unitOnce again your chances of getting evidence before it can be destroyed, manipulated or covered up are ruined. “
  • Despite Joe Biden’s 2019 ludicrous lie, he said,never spokenArcher testified that he “never spoke to” his son or other relatives about their “overseas deals” or “business,” and during Hunter’s nearly 20 meetings with customers and prospects, his father He testified that he made a phone call and put it on speakerphone.

My Congressman, freshman Dan Goldman (D., N.Y.), was embarrassed Monday when he claimed Joe Biden made a speech saying:weather or whatever

Biden Could Have Analyzed Phillies starting lineup. Crucially, Hunter was able to get the then-Vice President of the United States to pick up the phone within three rings. Access to the “Biden brand” was worth at least $10 million, which customers happily poured into their families. Over 20 paper companies.

  • According to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R, Kentucky), six different banks provided staggering evidence. 170 suspicious activity reports About the Bidens deal.
  • Joe Biden’s alleged ignorance of Hunter’s business circumstances did not prevent him from signing the January 20, 2011 letter on the Vice President’s stationery. Addressed to Devon Archer, it began thus. “Dear Devin” [sic]. “I apologize for not having the opportunity to speak to you at yesterday’s luncheon. I struggled to escape the hospitality of President Hu of China,” wrote Joe Biden. “I hope we have the opportunity to meet again soon with Hunter. I hope you enjoyed your lunch. Thank you for coming.”

Joe added: I’m happy that you guys are together’, one thinks commercially, not romantically. Hunter and Archer were then partners in the Rosemont Seneca Investment Company.

  • Hunter said to Archer buy a burner phone It was April 12, 2014, three days before Archer met with then-Veep Biden at the White House.
  • Hunter’s Laptop from Hell uses at least 16 messaging applications, some of which are highly encrypted, military grade.
  • “Your question is, ‘Why does Superchair love me so much? “It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my last name (and I have so many things) Handsome Aryan god-like man anywhere). “

Until it imploded last week, the Justice Department had dealt with all of this and more with a plea bargain that resembled a spa day trip for hunters.

As the saying goes, seeing Congress make laws is uglier than a sausage factory. But the average keelbasa factory compares to the Upton-Sinclair-class judicial slaughterhouse now run by Joe Biden’s de facto campaign manager, Merrick Garland, where the Department of Justice once stood. It is a Michelin starred restaurant.

Deroy Murdoch is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor.

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