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Donald Trump Endorses GOP Gubernatorial Candidate, Says He’s ‘Martin Luther King On Steroids’

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday endorsed Republican North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson as the state's gubernatorial candidate, describing the gubernatorial candidate as “Martin Luther King on steroids.”

President Trump compared Robinson, who is Black, to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. during a rally in Greensboro. Associated Press (AP News) reported. He introduced the gubernatorial candidate to the crowd before expressing his praise and support in North Carolina's Republican primary.

“I heard him coming on the plane. I was listening and I said to the people on the plane, 'Look at this.' This is Martin Luther King Jr. on steroids,” Trump told the audience.

Trump said he didn't know how to react when Robinson was compared to the civil rights leader, the paper said. “You'll like it,” the Republican front-runner told the lieutenant governor.

“I think you're better than the Rev. Martin Luther King. I think you're twice as good as Martin Luther King,” President Trump told Robinson. “You'll love it.”

Robinson was named as one of several candidates in North Carolina who have President Trump's “full and complete support” ahead of Super Tuesday. According to the Associated Press, the former president described Robinson as a “great gentleman” and a “wonderful, natural storyteller.”

The lieutenant governor said he was “humbled” by President Trump's support for the governor. The newspaper added that Robinson looks forward to working with the top Republican candidates to “give the united Republican ticket to victory in November and get our state and country back on track.” (Related article: 'A very unique kind of black person': MSNBC panel cites racism, expresses concern over President Trump's appeal to black voters)

Robinson faces competition from two other Republican primary candidates, North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Falwell and trial lawyer Bill Graham, the newspaper reported. Both men are seeking to cast doubt on the lieutenant governor's ability to win in the November general election.

Democratic voters will choose their gubernatorial candidate again on Tuesday, choosing between North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, backed by Democratic North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, and former state Supreme Court Associate Justice Mike Morgan. is.

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