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EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Senate GOP Introduce New Bill To Combat Sanctuary Policies In Light Of Laken Riley Murder

Georgia Senate Republicans on Wednesday introduced a new bill to counter sanctuary policies and target the officials who enact them in response to the murder of nursing student Laken Riley.

The Daily Caller first obtained portions of the bill, which among other things would strip the immunity of local elected officials who enact sanctuary policies and allow anyone to sue them. It was something. The bill would also allow local officials to be removed from office and strip them of state funding and state-controlled federal funds.

“Local officials in Athens-Clarke County have failed to protect our county's greatest asset: the University of Georgia students,” Lt. Gov. Bert Jones told the Caller. “Instead, they supported radical policies that prioritized the interests of undocumented immigrants over the residents of Athens-Clarke County.” (Related article: President Trump says he spoke to Laken Riley's parents, criticizing Biden for not saying his name)

Read the law here:

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“They, along with Joe Biden and Washington Democrats who have fought to open our borders to the intrusion of illegal immigrants, will hold them accountable for every action by all illegal immigrants they allow to live freely in our communities. “As part of our continued commitment to protect Georgians, we are taking a firm stand against those who violate the law and seek to implement sanctuary policies that harbor criminals.” Jones added. (Related: Biden ignores Laken Riley murder in crime speech)

Riley, 22, was allegedly killed by Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. He was arrested by University of Georgia Police.

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