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FACT CHECK: Did Brazil And Israel Cut All Ties?

image shared on facebook Brazil and Israel claim to have severed all diplomatic relations.

Verdict: False

Brazil has not severed all diplomatic relations with Israel.

Fact check:

Gaza authorities said Israeli forces opened fire on a crowd near an aid truck, killing more than 100 Palestinians. new york times. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said most of the deaths were caused by trampling and shoving near aid trucks, but Israeli officials said the deaths were due to crowds approaching and appearing to threaten them. The newspaper reported that soldiers opened fire.

Social media users are sharing images claiming that Brazil and Israel have severed diplomatic relations. The image is a screenshot of a tweet that reads: “Brazil is ending all diplomatic relations with Israel.”

This claim is false. According to the newspaper, Brazil recalled its ambassador after Israeli government leaders criticized Brazilian President Lula da Silva, labeling Israel's attack on Gaza a genocide. era of israel.There is no evidence that Israel and Brazil have severed all ties, and the Brazilian Embassy in Israel It shows That it's still open.

“We recalled the ambassador, but that does not mean an end to all diplomatic relations between Israel and Brazil,” a Brazilian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. AFP fact check.

Israel has not recalled its ambassador from Brazil, according to AFP Fact Check. Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro waves Israeli flag at rally on February 26, Times of Israel report. (Related: Houthi rebels claim they attacked US warship in Red Sea)

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