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FACT CHECK: Does Video Show Recent Transport Of Nuclear Weapons In Russia?

video shared on social media This is believed to indicate that the Russian military has recently been transporting nuclear weapons in preparation for an attack.

Verdict: False

That claim is inaccurate.

Fact check:

Russian media reported that British troops were “stationed” in Ukraine to support the deployment of long-range Storm Shadow missiles. guardian report. The same outlet also reported leaks from secret phone calls that implicated Western forces in the Ukraine conflict.

A post shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, claims to show the missile being transported. The video shows several vehicles with Russian flags and large cylinders on top.

The caption reads: “Putin is running nuclear weapons. Russia isn't playing games. Against NATO and the CIA… you can't win this. Surrender.”

That claim is inaccurate. The origin of the video is February 2022 parade. Google translated this description as follows: “In preparation for the military parade on Red Square, a mechanized column of parade crews consisting of autonomous launchers of the YARZ mobile missile system marched from a permanent deployment point in the city of Teikovo in the Ivanovo region to Arabino” near Moscow. is. ”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened NATO with nuclear war after French President Emmanuel Macron commented that keeping NATO troops in Ukraine remains an option. Al Jazeera. (Related: Fact-checking Biden's recent claims about wage increases and inflation)

This isn't the first time misinformation has been shared online. 'Check Your Fact' debunks claims that Johnnie Cochran died mysteriously after his child support payments were made.

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