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FACT CHECK: Facebook Image Does Not Show Recent Fire In Texas, Is From 2017

image Included in Facebook post It claims to be indicative of the recent Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas.

Verdict: False

That claim is false. This image predates the current fire and was published in Texas Monthly in August 2017.

Fact check:

The Smokehouse Creek Fire started on February 26th in Canadian, Texas. new york times. The cause of the fire is currently unknown, the media reported.

The image, said to be from the recent Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas, was included in the Facebook post along with three other images. The first of his four images in the series shows a fire burning across a grassy landscape as nearby cows flee.

However, this image predates the current fire; texas monthly This image is featured as the cover photo for the work “Love and Loss on the Great Plains''. The film focuses on the Franklin Ranch fire, which reportedly killed at least six people and caused farmers “at least $21 million in agricultural damage.” san antonio express news.

Similarly, “Check the facts” did not find the referenced image. Trustworthy news reporting About the Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas. In fact, the opposite is true.both USA Today and Politifact The image was published in Texas Monthly in August 2017, and the report said it was not related to recent fires.

Additionally, this image is not referenced in Texas A&M Forest Service materials. Website or related to it socializing media account.

The Texas A&M Forest Service did not mention the Facebook image at all, but did share one graphic. on Xthe social media platform formerly known as Twitter, marks the Smokehouse Creek Fire as the second largest fire in state history.

“The Smokehouse Creek Fire in Hutchinson County started on February 26th in rough terrain and inclement weather. The fire is now estimated at 500,000 acres and is the second largest fire in Texas history. on fire,” the Forest Service wrote.

Since the Forest Service's Feb. 26 post, the fire has grown to the largest in “Texas recorded history,” an information officer said. USA Today.

Check Your Fact has reached out to Texas Monthly for comment and will update this article accordingly.

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