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Famous R&B Artist Apologizes For Asking Why It’s A ‘Good Idea’ To Let Kids Pick Their Gender

Hip-hop artist Ne-Yo issued a “deep apology” on Sunday for remarks that questioned why children are allowed to choose their gender.

The singer made the comments during an appearance on GladTV with Gloria Velez on Friday. (Related: Ne-Yo says he plans to date fans)

“‘I personally come from a time when men were masculine and women were feminine,'” Ne-Yo said on the show. It’s okay to recognize yourself as a goldfish if you feel like, “I don’t care, that’s not my job.” “

“If you want me to play games, that’s my job. I wouldn’t call you a goldfish, but if you want to be a goldfish, be a goldfish.”

Ne-Yo later posted an apology on social media.

“After much consideration, I offer my deepest apologies to anyone I may have hurt with my comments about parenting and gender identity,” she said.

“I have always been an advocate for love and inclusion in the LGBTQI+ community, so I understand how my comments were interpreted as insensitive and offensive.”

“‘Gender identity is a sensitive subject, and I can honestly admit that I plan to study more on the subject so that I can approach future conversations with more empathy.’”

Delighted TV host Gloria Velez was vocally supportive of Ne-Yo before, although she initially defended Ne-Yo’s views after the interview was released.

“You don’t care if your opinion offends anyone, so why should you care if my opinion offends you? Opinions are nothing special. I We all have it,” Ne-Yo said. director It seems to have since been deleted.

Beres: “Well said.” commented on Twitter.

R&B singer Macy Gray backtracked In Piers Morgan’s “Uncensored,” Gray said that changing body parts “unfortunately doesn’t make you a woman.” She received backlash, and Ms. Gray said she “feels like being a woman,” she said.

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