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Footage Shows ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ Climbing The Giant Sphere In Las Vegas

Police reportedly arrested a pro-life activist Wednesday who climbed to the top of the Las Vegas venue Sphere in a stunt that was captured on video.

Maison des Champs, believed to be the climber in question, said in a video posted on her Instagram page that she had done the climb to raise money for charity for pregnant homeless women. Police arrested Des Champs on Wednesday afternoon after telling Las Vegas residents to expect road closures due to the presence of Fox 5 emergency response vehicles near the Sphere. report. (Related article: “What's that? Is it true?”: Crew member blown up after climbing onto plane to take “life-threatening” photos)

“Hey guys, I'm here at the top of The Sphere. I think they're going to let me pass to the top, but I'm doing this today because of a mother named Isabel. I just wanted to say that I'm doing this to raise money for the. She's homeless and pregnant and needs help. So please go to My bio has this Here's a link to support women. Thank you so much! Praise be to God,” Des Champs said.

Des Champs' Instagram profile describes himself as someone who climbs skyscrapers for pro-life causes.

The Sphere is over 360 feet tall and is “the world's largest spherical structure and architectural wonder.” according to The building is located in the Venetian hotel chain in Las Vegas.

In May 2022, Mr. de Champ climbed the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco to share his pro-life message; arrested. He also climbed a 600-foot hotel in August 2021 to protest mandatory vaccinations. He was arrested as well.

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