Video Shows Trapped Zookeepers Narrowly Escape Dangerous Encounter With Gorilla

A video posted to TikTok on Thursday shows two zookeepers at a Texas zoo unexpectedly becoming trapped in an exhibit with gorillas, USA Today reported. According to reports, a video from Oct. 23 shows two Fort Worth Zoo employees inside the gorilla exhibit area when the gorilla entered. USA Today. The monkey can be seen […]

Dramatic Body Cam Footage Shows Police Shoot At 15-Year-Old Suspect During Arrest

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) on Friday released dramatic body camera footage of police shooting a 15-year-old suspect during an attempted arrest, police announced at a press conference. The teenage suspect was injured during the arrest, NOPD Superintendent Ann Kirkpatrick said. Press conference His injuries were not caused by shots fired by NOPD officers. […]

WWI History Assignment Shows Just How Bad The Education System Has Gotten

On Thursday, a woman posted a screenshot of what she claimed was her 16-year-old sister's homework. If this is true, America is completely fucked up and I would be surprised if it still exists in 10 years. As a result, American high school students appear to be receiving what most international school systems call an […]

Speed of Forest Road work shows efficiency of Sedona in Motion

Like everyone in Sedona, we are impressed with the speed of construction on the forest road extension. City staff and contractor Fann Contracting Inc. began road work in spring 2022. Much of his first year's work involved moving utilities and clearing upstream areas, activities that most residents didn't or couldn't see on the bluffs overlooking […]

FACT CHECK: X Video Shows Protest Against Chinese Immigrants And Kurds, Not Islam In Japan

video Shared by X This is said to be indicative of recent protests against Islam and “illegal and unchecked immigration” in Japan. “Japan belongs to the Japanese, Muslims should leave the country!” Japanese patriots also stand up for illegal and unchecked immigration. — RadioGenoa (@RadioGenoa) March 3, 2024 Verdict: Misleading Misbar said the original […]

FACT CHECK: Video Shows Child Shivering In Syria, Not Gaza

video Shared by X It is said to depict a child trembling in Gaza during the current Israeli-Hamas war. This broke my heart💔🇵🇸 Those eyes are asking the world. “It’s cold inside” — William B. (@The_NightReport) February 21, 2024 Verdict: False That claim is false. This video was originally shared on X in January […]

Wild Viral Video Shows What Famous Rappers Would Look Like If They Were White

A video has gone viral showing what would happen if the music industry's most famous rappers were white, and the results will be shocking. The video has already racked up more than 16.9 million views on Twitter alone, with feedback from fans around the world. This short clip shows a close-up image of the world-famous […]

Poll After Poll Shows Voters Felt Way Better Off Under Trump Than Biden

A series of recent surveys found that voters felt far better under the Trump administration than they did under President Joe Biden. A New York Times/Siena College poll released Sunday found that only 18% of registered voters said Mr. Biden's policies had “helped.” [them] “Personally,'' compared to 40% who said the same about President Trump. […]