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Heritage Foundation Intervenes In Hunter Biden Case To Support IRS Whistleblowers

The Heritage Foundation intervened in Hunter Biden’s lawsuit on Tuesday to oppose his efforts to prevent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowing information from being used against him.

Heritage and Surveillance Project Director Mike Howell filed a motion On Tuesday, I will intervene in the ongoing lawsuit against Hunter Biden and ask Delaware federal judge Mariellen Noreika to dismiss his attempt to shut down information provided by an IRS whistleblower. (Related: Rep. Jason Smith battles Hunter Biden’s efforts to keep IRS whistleblower materials sealed from Delaware case)

“They are brazenly attacking the brave and courageous IRS whistleblowers by claiming in court that they have wrongfully disclosed information. That is completely false,” Howell said in a statement. press release.

“The whistleblowers followed all applicable laws and their testimony was properly publicized by the House Ways and Means Committee. We are not going to sit back and go ahead with attacks on whistleblowers,” Howell added.

Heritage’s memo was submitted through the think tank’s internal publication, the Daily Signal, for which Howell is a research columnist. (Related: Prosecutor Hunter Biden once sought prison time for tax fraud on similar charges)

“Thus, the defendant’s attorneys are effectively seeking to bind Movantz to judgment on allegations that Movantz did not sue. In addition, the defendant was sued in July 2023 by an Internal Revenue Service whistleblower. It is seeking broader presumptive relief on Movantz’s Amicus petition to seek a seal on the Congressional Quarterly Transcript of House Oversight and Accountability for Wednesday’s hearing, a video of which is available online. House’s website.As a matter of judicial economy, it makes no sense to partially litigate these allegations,” the complaint reads.

Advisor to Hunter Biden filed a motion Republican Missouri Rep. Jason Smith, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, is expected to plead guilty to a court brief containing testimony from an IRS whistleblower ahead of Biden’s July 26 trial. The government released a statement on July 26 to keep IRS whistleblower information sealed. tax.

“These filings contain hundreds of pages of evidence, including allegations, innuendos, and unverified allegations regarding the defendants and the very issues in court. “We want these materials to be held securely to protect defendants from disclosure of potentially profitable information in public records,” Biden’s motion states.

Smith’s The lawyer wrote a letter to Noreika On July 31, Biden voted against the motion because he did not identify certain taxpayer information or grand jury confidential materials. His filing says the IRS whistleblowing information was temporarily blocked unless Mr. Biden could provide specific information and explain why it had to remain sealed.

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler He testified before the House Ways and Oversight Committee about how Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors appeared to delay and obstruct the Hunter Biden investigation based on their knowledge of the case.

Both IRS whistleblowers also provided Congress with additional information about the young Biden’s business dealings with business partners in Ukraine, China and Romania. (Related: IRS Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden)

A day before Biden’s scheduled court date, an official at the law firm of Latham & Watkins called the clerk’s office about shutting down IRS whistleblowing information, claiming she worked with Smith’s lawyers. It is said that he “disguised his identity.” Noreika said. Ordered on July 25th.

The staff said so affidavit She insisted she did not intentionally misrepresent her identity, and a partner at Latham & Watkins Law Firm said the dispute stemmed from a “misunderstanding” in the lawsuit. Letter of July 25th to Noreika. On July 28, a judge issued a new order requiring her to report all matters in the Hunter Biden case directly to prevent “clear misrepresentation” from happening again.

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