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Holy Hamburgers! Biden’s Inflationary Economy Is Making Your Cookout Even More Costly This July 4

Inflationary pressures hitting Americans will make this year's Independence Day celebrations more expensive than usual, according to the American Federation of Farm Bureaus (AFBF).

Inflation has been a plague on everyday Americans throughout President Joe Biden's first term, with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rising. increase That's down about 20% since 2021. Unfortunately, nearly all of the staple items of a typical Fourth of July barbecue are now out of stock. according to According to an AFBF analysis released in late June.

“It's not surprising that this is happening,” Consumers Union executive director O.H. Skinner told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “After all, it's becoming harder for families to come together, and for many people who are struggling to make ends meet, celebrating our great cultural moment the way they did as children may no longer be possible.” (Related story: Biden says inflation is heading in the right direction; numbers tell a different story)

On average, two pounds of ground beef currently costs about $12.77, up 11% from 2023 prices, according to the AFBF, while burger buns are typically 7% more expensive than last year, while a 2.5-quart bottle of lemonade currently costs about $4.19, up 12% from last year.

According to the AFBF, a three-pound serving of pork chops, another staple that Americans grill, now costs about $15.50, up 8% from 2023. A typical 16-ounce bag of potato chips is up 8% to $4.90.

It's not all bad news for barbecue lovers: The average price of a 2-pound chicken breast is down 4% compared to last year, according to the AFBF, and potato salad, a popular summer side, is also down about 4% in price.

But some sweet treats have seen prices soar, erasing gains for savory items like chicken and potato salad. For example, the price of an average 13-ounce chocolate chip cookie is up about 2% from last year, and a half-gallon of ice cream is up about 7% from last year, according to the AFBF.

For Americans planning to drive elsewhere to celebrate the long weekend, the national average price per gallon at gas stations is currently hovering around $3.51. according to That price is a far cry from the $4.80 a gallon Americans had to pay at this time in 2022, according to AAA data, but it's still about $1 a gallon higher than what Americans paid at the pump in January 2020, the final month before the pandemic began causing significant economic and political upheaval.

For those who like to wash down their burgers and hot dogs (which are up about 7 percent in price) with beer, the average price of an ice-cold pilsner is up about 3 percent. according to To quartz.

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