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Houston Teacher Says ‘2035 Will Not Exist’ If New Superintendent Makes Kids Use More Paper

Houston Education Association (HEA) president Michelle Williams suggested this week that the world might not exist in 2035 if the Houston Independent School District (HISD) bought more paper to teach students to read and write.

Williams made the remarks at a community meeting with newly appointed HISD Superintendent Mike Miles. The meeting was held to answer questions about the district’s plans for Miles in his new position as superintendent. as seen in Footage of the conference was streamed on YouTube by local broadcaster Fox 26 on Thursday.

Some HISD teachers “will be 80 percent paper-based,” Williams told Miles. “You said, and I’ll take your word for it, you said the kids don’t have time, and we’re preparing them for 2035. Paper 1 It’s financially irresponsible to pay $100 per box, and it’s environmentally destructive.” Using that amount of paper for 20,000 children in District 2…if you continue to support deforestation. If so, the year 2035 will not exist. This is because deforestation releases excess carbon dioxide, causing soil erosion and more. ” (Related article: Universities plan even more discriminatory measures after Supreme Court rejects race-based admissions)

“You want to take over the largest school district in Texas to further the environmental cause and Houston’s glowing fervor,” she continued. “I am asking that this be rescinded because it is disruptive and sets an inappropriate model for children who are trying to wrongly change student performance.”

“I feel responsible for the environment now,” Miles replied.

“It just feels a little overpowered,” he continued, as the assembled crowd clamored. “There are several studies and many parents think we spend too much time looking at screens,” Miles said.

As of December 2022, less than half of HISD students in grades 1-3 were reading at grade level or above. according to According to a report in the Houston Chronicle. HISD’s high school performance and responsibilities have been so lackluster in recent years that the Texas Education Authority (TEA) has taken over management of the district and appointed Miles to the post of superintendent to turn around the district’s poor academic performance. according to to Texas Monthly.

“No, I don’t think the world will end by 2035 if school districts use more paper in teaching their students to read and write,” Williams told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “I am making such a statement because before Miles came to HISD, the district was committed to reducing paper consumption and teaching students to be good stewards of the environment. She continued, adding, “This is in line with HISD policy.” The district partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and Eco-Schools in 2012. “

“There is no educational research to support using 80% of worksheets for reading to fill learning gaps,” Williams told DCNF. However, studies have found that children tend to score lower on reading tests after reading texts on digital media than when reading from the printed page. according to Go to Education Weekly.

“I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use paper in your reading class. What I’m saying is that you need to balance ‘40% paper and 60% technology’. According to HEA’s Twitter account, HEA is an affiliate of the National Education Association. profile.

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