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Interior official: Permitting reform demands more staffing, funding

Clean energy: A senior U.S. Department of the Interior official said the federal government should rush to approve clean energy. Increase Land Agency funding and staffingNot by watering down environmental laws, as some senators have suggested. (Los Angeles Times)

again: Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a number of energy-related bills into law, including: Setting net zero greenhouse gas emissions target In addition, we encourage solar power generation and geothermal development. (Colorado Newsline)

grid: The report estimates that California should: spend $50 billion This is to prepare the grid to meet the increased demand from increased electrification. (The Hill)

California counties say it could Suspend enforcement of electrification obligations If the court’s denial of Berkeley’s natural gas connection ban is valid. (Santa Cruz Local)
Celebrity chef threatens to cancel plans to open restaurant in Palo Alto, Calif. if local electrification regulations prevent restaurant from opening Cooking with natural gas. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Oil gas:
Environmental group sues California New oil and gas drilling permits for Block 21said regulators rely on outdated analysis and do not consider climate change or health impacts when granting approvals. (ABC News)
• Federal regulators are proposing to fine energy companies $3.4 million for the following safety violations. Led to 2021 Oil Spill Off Southern California. (Related media outlets)
New Mexico Environmental Activists Blame State Regulators Poor enforcement of pollution regulations For oil and gas facilities. (NM Political Report)

coal: Analysts in Montana say power plant emission limits proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will force the Colstrip coal-fired power plant to close, or Spend billions on unproven carbon capture technology. (Claim publication)

Nucleus: Microsoft promises to Purchase of 50MW of nuclear fusion power generation By 2028, there will be a rapid acceleration of commercialization of this technology from Washington state startups. (insider)

Electric car:
Wyoming startup plans to Install an electric car fast charger Work across the state to attract tourists and promote EV adoption among residents. (Casper Star Tribune)
U.S. lawmakers in Colorado introduced a bill that: Equip school buses with bi-directional energy flow capabilities So it can send power back to the grid when it’s not in use. (news release)

• California startup Automated utility-scale solar installation systemsays that labor productivity can be doubled. (PV magazine)
The California winemaker plans to: Added 6.5MW of solar capacity At 15 wineries and related facilities in the state. (PV magazine)
Colorado towns and school districts partner To install the solar panel at four facilities. (Aspen Daily News)

utility: Arizona regulators aim to develop standardized and objective methods. Evaluate a utility’s cybersecurity readiness. (utility dive)

Commentary: One legal scholar is scrutinizing claims that the Biden administration lacked legal authority. Denies the Willow Oil and Gas Drilling Project. (climate law)

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