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Most Insane Video I’ve Ever Seen Shows Eduardo Riego Somehow Win 3v1 Onslaught

Eduardo Riego is a barbarian.

In one of the most extraordinary videos I've ever seen, Spanish MMA fighter Eduardo Riego single-handedly defeated three opponents in a 3-on-1 cage match.

Riego endures a three-and-a-half minute onslaught of pure violence, taking punches to the face, ribs, back, and everywhere else, making him the most resilient and dominant figure this writer has seen in decades. It was an expression of masculinity.

Fight in Spain's wild fighting tournaments dogfight wild tournamentRiego picked off his three opposing fighters one by one, methodically launching his way to an unlikely and exemplary victory.

The modern gladiatorial event appears to have taken place in Spain on Friday, and was livestreamed and posted on El Rincon de Giorgio's YouTube page. (Related: Donald Trump faces off against UFC star Sean Strickland in Las Vegas after big caucus win)

I still can't believe my eyes.This man, Riego, seems to be an amateur fighter from Spain. according to I posted on and systematically destroyed these bastards.

The trio facing Riego were certainly smaller in stature, but that wasn't a big deal, and the combination of them should have made it easy for them to take on the submission specialist.

Instead, this man showed his warrior spirit, embraced the pain, and continued strangling his opponents until the last man was forced to tap.

Looking at this guy's profile on Sherdog, he's not a spring chicken. His record with Sherdog shows him winning matches dating back to 2009. So it's a wonder a guy like this hasn't received a big break in his UFC. Dana White, call this guy ASAP.

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