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Our View: Rejection of 2024 election hand-count was right call | Opinion

At a time when election integrity is of utmost importance, the recent decision by the Mojave County Supervisory Authority to refuse to hand count election ballots should be applauded. The idea of ​​hand counting may seem appealing in its simplicity, but a closer look reveals that it can compromise accuracy, take excessive time, and place an undue financial burden on local taxpayers. I understand.

Voting to continue using electronic voting machines demonstrates the county’s commitment to efficient and safe elections. A recent report by Mojave County Election Commissioner Allen Tempert highlights the pitfalls of hand counting. Notably, his trial tally of 850 votes for the 2022 general election revealed 46 errors. Mistakes like this only exacerbate the time-consuming process, requiring recounts and further delaying election results.

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