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Rep. Andy Biggs Explains ‘The Only Way’ Pelosi Would ‘Drop The Hammer’ On Biden As Nominee

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs revealed on Fox News on Tuesday that California Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi may “hardly back down” from endorsing President Joe Biden as her party's nominee.

Biggs appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the ongoing turmoil within the Democratic Party as lawmakers are divided over whether to keep Biden on the ballot for president in 2024. Fox host Laura Ingraham asked the lawmakers if they thought Speaker Pelosi might withdraw her support for Biden, potentially affecting the campaign. (Related: Cook Political Report delivers more bad news for Biden campaign following debate disaster)

“The only way she's going to bring down the hammer to get Biden out is if she thinks they're going to be wiped out in the House elections,” Biggs said.

“Yeah, they're going to be wiped out. They're saying they could lose 20 seats because of Biden,” Ingraham interjected.

“Maybe, but if that's the case, she's going to come to the rescue and try to put somebody else in there, because in my opinion, what they're after right now is the House of Representatives seats. They know Biden is going to lose, they know Kamala Harris is going to lose, but they want to regain and maintain influence in the House,” Biggs replied.

Ingraham continued to criticize the Democratic candidates for distancing themselves from the president to attract more voters in Montana and Ohio because voters “don't want Biden to be the party's choice.”

“But from everything we're seeing, most people know Biden cannot do the job and he cannot be president for a second term. Even if he wins, it's now Kamala Harris' party,” Ingraham said.

“Yes, it's going to be an oligarchy like we've seen for the last four years, but if it's a close race, they're going to distance themselves from Biden. They've done it before and they'll do it even more this time,” Biggs said.

Since last Tuesday, House Democrats have come forward to demand that Biden withdraw from the race, citing concerns about his mental health and his dwindling poll numbers since his poor performance in the debate. Despite these demands, the president and his staff have maintained that the campaign will continue, and that Biden may “counter-run” at the Democratic National Convention starting on August 19.

While a majority of Americans no longer believe Biden is mentally or cognitively healthy enough to fulfill his duties, doctors have also publicly commented on Biden's condition. In an interview with NBC News, Parkinson's disease specialist Dr. Tim Pitts said Tuesday that Biden's “tiny, monotone voice” and flailing of his arms are all “hallmark” signs of the disease.

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