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ROOKE: The 2024 Election Is Set: Insult Comic Vs. Feeble Old Man

President Joe Biden's campaign strategy to defeat former President Donald Trump appears to be to provoke him into publicly criticizing him. But in a schoolyard brawl, bewildered and forgetful, he is little match for a quick-witted, charismatic man who makes even the most unconventional insults work.

biden I do not want There is a need to focus on the economy and immigration, even though these issues are top of mind for American voters heading into the 2024 election. Instead, Biden and his allies Said New Yorkers say the president wants Trump to slam Biden over the 2020 election and January 6th.

This is a good strategy in theory. Especially since Biden is the Democratic nominee and will be writing puff articles claiming his provocations are landing, with the help of a friendly media class that will serve as his personal stenographer. Dew. (Luke: MSNBC's rich liberals are laughing at their worst nightmares)

But this is Donald J. Trump vs. Joseph R. Biden. Biden will not survive a war of words.

After all, Biden is facing a Trump who made nicknames like “Puddin' Finger” and “Rob DeSanctimonious” like well-done pasta plastered to the wall. Before the Republican primary began, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was seen as a formidable opponent who was certain to break President Trump's stranglehold on the Republican Party. But in true Mar-a-Lago fashion, Trump was able to quickly reduce him to a meme with no clear path to victory.

This doesn't bode well for Biden, who is less likely to land a punch on Trump than DeSantis.

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein told The New Yorker that he doubts Biden's ability to keep up with his grueling campaign schedule. “Whether or not Mr. Biden is in control of everything, it's not true that he appears to be in control,” she said.

Biden is not alone in his concerns after special counsel Robert Hur's report on his mishandling of classified documents was released on February 8th. Mr. Hur called Mr. Biden a “sympathetic, well-meaning, old man with a bad memory” after classified documents were discovered in several of Mr. Biden's offices and his garage. At one point, he shared the document with his son Hunter Biden).

Biden's plan to protect himself is to hold a press conference before confusing Mexico and Egypt and claim, “I mean well, I'm old, I know what I'm doing.'' Ta. . Nothing Biden does is right. (Luke: DC Republicans are proving as swampy and useless as ever.)

Take a look at his recent State of the Union address. His rhythm was better than expected, but he still sounded like an angry old man yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off his lawn.

Biden went off script several times, which ended badly for him. There was a moment when Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene demanded Biden say the name of Laken Riley, a Georgia college student who was brutally murdered by a suspected illegal immigrant. Biden said her name was “Lincoln” instead of “Laken” (she was so obvious that even the NYT wrote “Lincoln” in the article) transcript) and, much to the chagrin of his radical supporters, he called her killer “illegal.”

His supporters, party leaders and pundits were shocked not by Riley's murder, but by Biden's use of the word illegal instead of illegal.

Another out-of-place moment for Biden began when he claimed Republicans wanted to give tax cuts to big corporations, only to be forced to retract and apologize after howls from Republican lawmakers. Even though Biden was smiling, the moment was a small victory for Republicans.

Biden will only survive if he can read the teleprompter. The moment he sets his sights on the open fields of his heart, he will either give credit to his opponent or anger a passionate voter base. (Luke: So-called Republicans are helping Biden gaslight Americans)

Quite the opposite is true regarding Trump. His best material comes when he looks away from his carefully prepared remarks and says the perfect one-liner. Biden stumbles over his words, and he often forgets what to say. When such a moment comes, Trump has no choice but to jump on it.

If Biden wants to take on New York's foul-mouthed politicians, he has every right to do so, but don't say you weren't warned.

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