Voting Machines at Yuma County Recorder’s Office Test 100% Accurate During Trial Run

Chris McDanielKAWC News YUMA — A delegation from the Arizona Secretary of State's Office, led by State Elections Chief Lisa Marra, visited Yuma County last week to test voting machines ahead of the upcoming election. The inspection was conducted at the Yuma County Recorder's Office on Main Street. The delegates conducted the “logic and precision” […]

ABC’s 538 ranks Cygnal as most accurate private polling firm in 2024

A Washington-based polling and analysis company with roots in Alabama was named the No. 1 most accurate private polling company, according to ABC News. 538. Signal was founded in Montgomery by Brent Buchanan and led 538. Ranking of private public opinion research institutions based on An indicator known as voting scoreindicating a combination of high […]

Counties test election equipment to try to ensure accurate results

This is the view of the Yuma County Registrar, Election Services Office. County officials across Arizona have reassured the public that their equipment has been thoroughly tested to ensure that only valid ballots are being counted for the Nov. 8 election. (Photo Credit: Tiffany Anderson/Yuma County Election Commissioner) County officials across the state have reassured […]