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‘That Guy Was Not On The Stage’: Van Jones Says Biden Isn’t Dealing With ‘Reality’ Despite Coming Out For Interview

CNN's Van Jones said Friday night that President Joe Biden hasn't addressed “reality” despite his interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.

Jones appeared on the station to comment on Biden's first post-debate interview, in which Biden dismissed accusations of being unfit for the job, despite concerns from both within his party and potential voters. CNN's Jim Sciutto, noting that Biden's interview had focused on policies for a second term, asked Jones if he thought Biden could still be a “salesman for the party” despite the concerns. (RELATED: Joe Biden repeatedly denies reality in primetime ABC interview)

“The presidency, at the end of the day, is a speaking role. It's a speaking role. You have to be able to speak, you have to be interviewed, you have to give speeches, you have to be able to debate. It's a speaking role. Everybody says, 'That's not right,' but of course you have to be able to make decisions behind closed doors. But the presidency is a special role, a speaking role. I think you saw more of Biden's confidence today, because that's a typical voice. A little soft, a little stumbling, awkward, but there's nothing to be worried about. There's no panic or anything happening.” [for you] “To rush out the door,” Jones said.

“The problem is, on the biggest night of the campaign, he wasn't onstage. So, I think he did better today. I think it was helpful today. The problem is, what he said about the campaign is not true. In general, what I like about Biden is his open-mindedness and his compassion, but I don't want someone who's so far removed from reality. I understand why Gary and Mindy were saying they're not going to go out and say, 'Yeah, we're losing.' But some of the reality has to be acknowledged.”

“I think there's a panic within the party that people think this guy is out of touch with reality, that he's under the watch of people who aren't going to tell the truth, and that he's just being stubborn. And I think tonight he's self-destructed in that respect. He's no longer 'hiding Biden.' [I’ll] “You have to give him credit for that. He's come out, he's spoken, he's been interviewed, which is good, but he hasn't yet faced the reality of how bad this is,” Jones said.

Democrats began accusing the president of mental health after he was unable to finish some statements during the first 2024 presidential debate. CBS/YouGov after the debate vote The survey found that 72% of Americans believe Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health necessary to serve as president, up seven points from a similar poll conducted before the event.

In the debate's aftermath, Democratic National Committee members, donors and lawmakers have begun calling for Biden to step down as a candidate, with some even suggesting holding a convention-style primary. DNC member James Zogby wrote committee leaders on Tuesday proposing a “managed process” that could draft a new nominee for 2024.

Biden's representatives and associates have denied the president is stepping down, but the names of Democrats including California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Vice President Kamala Harris have been floated as possible successors.

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