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Tips to follow for Tuesday’s primary election; Amendment 1 explained

In about 24 hours, Alabama voters will head to the polls to choose their party's candidates for November's general election.

There are also proposed statewide amendments, causing confusion among voters.

of The title of the voting item is“Proposes the Alabama Constitution Amendment Act of 2022 to amend Section 71.01, which authorizes the Legislature to sign and deliver local law or constitutional amendments prior to the transfer of basic appropriations.”

The amendment is related to an amendment passed in 1984 that required the governor to submit a budget proposal to the Legislature by the second day of the legislative session. It also required the Legislature to pass a bill and submit it to the governor, establishing a budget for the state's basic needs and education, before enacting any other legislation. However, a bill could be exempt from this requirement if at least 60% of Congress specifically approved an exemption from the budget separation resolution.

If passed Tuesday, the amendment would remove the budget isolation resolution restriction on local law and local constitutional amendments, allowing them to be considered before approving a budget without a 60% supermajority vote.

“This is definitely what we call it in baseball,” said the amendment's sponsor, state Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R-Platteville), according to “And most people don't necessarily understand that. In my opinion, this just removes one unnecessary hurdle that doesn't really have any impact on the law.”