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Trump Lawyer Says He’ll Use ‘Very Simple’ Strategy Of Pointing Out Jack Smith ‘Has The Entire Law … Wrong’

A lawyer for former President Donald Trump said Thursday that if the charges surrounding the 2020 election go to trial, Trump’s lawyers would use a “very simple” strategy.

Trump acquitted of all charges in Thursday’s arraignment after special counsel Jack Smith secured four indictments against Trump in connection with his efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 election. Admitted. Smith previously secured 37 indictments against Trump in June based on an alleged investigation into classified documents. (Related article: ‘Turn it into a haiku’: Jonathan Turley says much of Trump’s Jan. 6 indictment was ‘protected speech’)

“I think the legal strategy for this lawsuit is very simple. “The Jan. 6 report is false,” attorney Jesse Binal told Fox News host Jesse Watters on Thursday night. “And you are attacking the law because Jack Smith has the whole law wrong in this case, and more importantly, he is ignoring the United States Constitution. ”


“Here’s why: The First Amendment gives us the right to speech, which Jack Smith’s prosecutors completely ignore, but more than that, the right to petition Congress for grievance relief. We also give them,” Binal continued. “And in this case, when you’re saying that the election was rigged, I think the election was in trouble and we should have elector X, not elector Y. That’s the petition. That is why the first clause of

Legal experts said many of the acts Smith claimed to be criminal in the indictment appear to be protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said the indictment attacked not only the First Amendment, but also the rights of attorneys under President Trump’s Sixth Amendment.

“Jack Smith fears Donald Trump will be re-elected because Jack Smith is someone who actually fears democracy because democracy is with him, quite honestly. , because it brings accountability to the uncontrollable prosecutors of the uncontrollable Department of Justice,” Binal added.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, South Carolina’s Republican Senator Tim Scott and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, all of Trump’s main rivals for the 2024 GOP nomination, condemned the indictment. bottom.

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