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Trump Ordered To Pay $382,000 Over Steele Dossier Lawsuit: REPORT

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly been ordered to pay $382,000 in a lawsuit related to the Steele dossier.

Court documents released Thursday revealed that Trump will have to pay legal costs to Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., a British company run by Christopher Steele. Associated Press (AP).

According to the newspaper, Mr. Trump unsuccessfully filed a lawsuit against Orbis, alleging that his lawyer had made “shocking and scandalous” statements that affected Mr. Trump's reputation. The High Court of England and Wales dismissed the former president's lawsuit in February.

Christopher Steele is a former operative of the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as “MI-6.” At the request of Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign, MI-6 produced the since-discredited Steele dossier alleging that President Trump colluded with the Russian government during the campaign. .

Trump's lawsuit alleges that he suffered “personal and reputational harm and distress” as a result of the creation and publication of the Steele dossier.Former president asked for economic damages before litigation began was fired From the Honorable Mrs. Justice Stein of the High Court. (Related article: 'Wink, wink, nod': MSNBC legal analyst says Trump's trial schedule is 'not meant to be protracted')

Trump has faced several legal battles, been indicted four times and faces 91 charges. Trump is being pursued in multiple civil lawsuits, including one in which he was ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees as he prepares to run for a second term in 2024.

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