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Trump workers moved document boxes before DOJ Mar-a-Lago visit

Investigators say two employees of former President Donald Trump moved the Mar-a-Lago record box to storage the day before the FBI and federal prosecutors were due to visit.

according to Washington Post reportan unnamed source familiar with the case said Trump had a “dry run” with his team before receiving the subpoena last May.

On June 2, the same day the box was moved, Trump’s lawyer contacted the Justice Department and said he welcomed officials to Mar-a-Lago to pick up the documents. According to the report, the agents were given 38 classified documents when they turned up the next day, but were not given permission to open the boxes in the vault.

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After obtaining a court order to search Mar-a-Lago in August, the FBI conducted a surprise raid and found more than 100 classified documents.

According to court documents, the FBI raided the house after the visit because it had “good reason to believe that evidence of obstruction would be found.”

Special Counsel Jack Smith also uncovered several instances of sabotage, including an alleged attempt to cover up classified documents, the report said.

This report is one week later CNN revealed The evidence indicates that Trump and his team received guidance from the National Archives on the correct methods of declassifying records, but they may not have followed its rules.

President Trump continues to deny wrongdoing and maintains that he has constitutional rights. Presidential Records Act. Under the law, however, the National Archives will assume the role of legal custodian of the records of the president and vice president after they leave office.

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