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Turley Predicts Next Steps For Trump’s Immunity Case, Calls Out DC Panel For Making Appeal Process ‘Very Difficult’

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley on Monday shared his predictions for former President Donald Trump's immunity suit on Fox News, saying a D.C. court panel will make the appeals process “very difficult.” denounced.

Mr. Turley appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss Mr. Trump's recent request for the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene following the D.C. Circuit panel's ruling on presidential immunity from prosecution. (Related: Trump co-defendant lawyer Nathan Wade's affidavit highlights inconsistencies)

“As you know as a former Supreme Court clerk, this matter will go to the Chief Justice. First, Chief Justice Roberts. He may make this decision to stay. That possibility is very low. He will apply this to all his colleagues and they will have to make a decision. In my view, there are good reasons to grant a stay on procedural issues,” Turley said.

“The committee is actually cutting Mr. Trump off from one of the appeal options normally available to defendants,” Turley continued. “They're making it very difficult for him to seek what's called a mass appeal. They're against this and say, 'We really want the same appeals process that other people are entitled to. “I'm here.” (Related: CNN's Jeffrey Toobin says President Trump achieved a 'slam dunk' victory in SCOTUS after oral argument)

“The only complication here is separating it from the merits of the immunity issue. Some judges will think that Donald Trump's immunity claim is too broad,” he concluded. “But when it comes to procedural questions, I think the former president is right.” – I think this is an unfair process. ”

A lower court in Washington, D.C., ruled Tuesday that Trump is immune from prosecution in a case brought by special counsel Jack Smith. In response to the ruling, the court gave Trump and his legal team until Monday to ask the Supreme Court to intervene before issuing the order. The trial on Mr. Smith's indictment on criminal conduct charges related to the 2020 election reversal has been postponed from its originally scheduled date of March 4, after President Trump recently requested that the order be suspended pending appeal. It was decided that it would be done.

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