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Ukrainian Prosecutor Joe Biden Bragged About Having Fired Hits Back: Video

Ukrainian prosecutor Joe Biden, who boasted about being fired while he was vice president, broke his silence and released a video statement in which Mr. He reportedly claimed that he was acting for

Former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin dismissed During an investigation into misconduct at Burisma, he spoke out following a statement by Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer alleging Shokin was a “threat” to the business.

He explained that because the United States has one of the world’s best intelligence agencies, it is widely believed that his investigation into Burisma is being monitored by U.S. authorities through both legal and illegal means. “We have no choice but to believe that Mr. Biden has been told to begin questioning his son, Archer and everyone involved in the Burisma case,” Mr. Shokin said.

“And everyone knew very well that this fight was going to end badly for them,” Shokin added.

Shokin insisted he didn’t accuse anyone of doing anything wrong because there is a presumption of innocence in Ukraine, but he believed Joe Biden was aware of the looming risks to his son even before he was fired. I repeated that When Mr. Biden “used all the informal means at his disposal” to stop the investigation, Mr. Shokin said, “Both myself and his colleagues were moving forward and trying to reach the end of this case.” Stated. Biden is said to have used anti-corruption activist and former Ukrainian parliamentarian Serhiy Leshchenko and fellow Ukrainian parliamentarian Mustafa Nayem as his proxies.

Shokin further argued that even though no specific criminal investigation had been launched against Hunter Biden, Biden acted in his own interests, not those of the American people, by trying to protect his son. . “Case [had] An investigation has been launched against Burisma due to the violations committed by Burisma,” Shokin explained. For the first time since investigators began investigating the company’s alleged misconduct and who was ultimately responsible, it involved managers hired in May-June 2014, including Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. Shokin said it turned out to be possible. (Related: Burisma CEO boasts it will take ’10 years’ to find records showing ‘illegal payments to Joe Biden’: FBI sources)

“Joe Biden had reason to fear that all of this would eventually come down to his son,” Shokin concluded.

Former President Donald Trump and right-wingers point to Mr. Biden’s boast that he will withhold $1 billion in aid from Ukraine unless Mr. Shokin is fired on evidence of selfish corruption and misconduct. ing. But European Union diplomats say calls for Shokin’s removal predate Biden’s arrival. The Financial Times reported in 2019 that the officials said Shokin’s dismissal was part of an international effort to “strengthen Ukraine’s institutions” following Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It is reported that he claimed that

“We were all really pushing” [former Ukrainian President Petro] Poroshenko needs to do something, because [Shokin] It did not track any corruption issues. He was really bad news,” an EU diplomat familiar with the matter told the Financial Times.

“The last person to show up was Biden.” [and triggered the resignation]. As America always does, Biden was the loudest, but we were all complaining literally. [Shokin]continued the EU diplomat.

Shokin rejected those allegations, saying no one, including Biden, could give him an example that would lead to his dismissal. “If my corruption had been proven, Biden and other politicians would have cried out for everything…they would have given specific examples of my corruption and injustice.”

Prior to his dismissal, Shokin said he had received an endorsement from Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who reportedly praised him for his work as Ukraine’s anti-corruption prosecutor. “This is how things were before Joe Biden started persecuting me,” Mr. Shokin said.

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