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US Attorney Jacqueline Romero Donated To Biden Campaign, Records Show

A prosecutor appointed by President Joe Biden accused of retaliating against colleagues who worked on the Hunter Biden case has previously donated to Joe Biden's presidential campaign, public records show became.

Philadelphia U.S. Attorney Jacqueline Romero, who allegedly retaliated against Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Hynes, did not participate in the 2020 election despite being employed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). He previously donated to Joe Biden's presidential campaign multiple times. record show. (Related: Former Justice Department prosecutor accused of shielding Joe and Hunter Biden gets nifty new job)

FEC records show Romero donated to then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden twice in November 2020 and three times the month before that. Over the course of her year, she donated $270 to the Biden campaign, some of which went through the Biden campaign's joint fundraising committee, the Biden Victory Fund. All donations to Joe Biden list the Department of Justice as her employer.

Romero's most recent donation was made in November 2022 to Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock's successful re-election campaign. Democratic candidates to whom she has donated in recent years include Sen. Jon Ossoff of Georgia, Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada.

RACINE, WI – NOVEMBER 1: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) are pictured in the front yard of a home in Racine, Wisconsin, on November 1, 2020. ) Election signboard supporting the. Today is the last day of early voting in Wisconsin, a state that President Donald Trump won with less than 1 percent of the vote in 2016. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

In 2012, she repeatedly donated to former President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, which he co-sponsored with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

House Republicans said in a statement in September that many of Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings with individuals and entities in Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania and Kazakhstan took place while Joe Biden was vice president. memo. Bank record and Hunter Biden's federal government. tax prosecution Significant overlap between Joe Biden's vice presidency and his son's overseas business has been confirmed.

president biden nominated Romero took office in April 2022 and was quickly confirmed by the Senate.she tenure He began his career as Philadelphia U.S. Attorney in June 2022, before suspending donations to Democratic politicians.

Romero, who was a longtime prosecutor in the Philadelphia U.S. Attorney's Office before taking office, is accused of punishing Hines for participating in Special Counsel David Weiss' investigation into Hunter Biden's finances. .

She allowed Mr. Hines to join Weiss' staff, three people said. new york post The Philadelphia U.S. Attorney's Office subsequently banned Hines from a downtown office building.

A spokesperson for Romero's office denied the allegations of retaliation in a statement to the Daily Caller on Tuesday morning.

“Members of this office had relationships with Beau Biden as colleagues, friends, and supervisors when he was an assistant U.S. attorney here. America's Romero is not related to the Biden family, and Hunter “We have not expressed any opinion on the merits of the Biden investigation,” the spokesperson told the Caller, referring to President Biden's late son.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Nelson Thayer, who represents Mr. Romero, was criticized by a Post official for saying that his colleague, Mr. Hines, had been “banned” from his office building. A spokesperson for Romero's office also denied the allegations against Thayer.

“AUSA Thayer did not inform his colleagues that AUSA Hines had been “banned” from his office, and AUSA Hines’ office was not featured. It remains untouched, awaiting his return. “Once his details are finalized, the office looks forward to having him resume his duties here as an assistant U.S. attorney,” the spokesperson said.

The caller asked Romero's office for additional comment about her donations to the Democratic Party and how that affects the credibility of the retaliation allegations. Her office declined further comment.

Thayer appears to have donated $325 to Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign, in addition to multiple donations, the FEC reported. record Demonstrate. The donations came from a town in southern New Jersey outside the Philadelphia area, where the Department of Justice is listed as his employer.

Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, accused Hynes and Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie Wolf of Baltimore in June, when two IRS whistleblowers accused Delaware Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie Wolf of shielding Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Mr. Leo Wise has been added to the prosecution team.

Weiss' office agreed to a guilty plea deal with Hunter Biden on two misdemeanor tax charges, but it was finalized in July over a dispute over a pretrial diversion agreement on a single firearms felony related to the guilty plea. It broke down. The plea deal fell apart after U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the immunity clause in the diversion agreement.

Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, leaves the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building in Wilmington, Delaware, on July 26, 2023. Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to petty tax evasion on July 26 after an agreement with federal prosecutors fell apart. In a Delaware court. Biden's surprise withdrawal from last month's settlement agreement came after Judge Mariellen Noreika raised questions about the complex agreement that also resolved separate firearms charges against the president's son, according to US media reports. (Photo by RYAN COLLERD/AFP) (Photo by RYAN COLLERD/AFP via Getty Images)

Mr. Biden's former lawyer, Christopher Clark, acknowledged in December that Mr. Wolf played a key role in negotiating the loose plea deal. Submission to court. She then left her Justice Department following her IRS whistleblowing and joined a corporate law firm. Wolf testified in December, but she declined to discuss the specific allegations or evidence brought forward by the whistleblowers, according to records reviewed by the whistleblowers.

House Republicans are making the Justice Department's response to the Hunter Biden investigation part of their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. House Republicans said in a Dec. 5 report that witness testimony from Weiss and additional Justice Department, FBI and IRS officials confirmed central aspects of the whistleblower allegations.

Biden appointees Matthew Graves of Washington, D.C., and E. Martin Estrada of the Central District of California declined to partner with Weiss on the Hunter Biden case, according to transcripts of testimony reviewed by the Caller. acknowledged.

During his time in the private sector, Graves did unpaid policy work and donated money for the Biden campaign. Mr. Estrada donated to current Vice President Kamala Harris' California Senate campaign in 2015, records show.

Mr. Weiss similarly acknowledged the conduct of Mr. Graves and Mr. Estrada during their testimony. IRS whistleblowers first disclosed Graves and Estrada's decision not to prosecute alleged tax crimes committed by Biden in their respective jurisdictions.

Hunter Biden faces three federal gun charges in Delaware and nine federal tax charges in California. He has pleaded not guilty to all crimes and is asking for the gun charges to be dropped.

his tax case It is scheduled It starts in June.

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