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Video Shows Two Minneapolis High Schoolers Viciously Attacking Each Other As Teachers Try To Intervene

A violent altercation between students in Minneapolis broke out during lunchtime, prompting an emergency police response, the Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

The incident, in which two female students were involved in a violent confrontation, was captured on video and circulated on Platform X, formerly known as Twitter. For this reason, the school warned students not to redistribute the footage, fearing disciplinary action. according to to the Daily Mail. Witnesses captured the moment the confrontation escalated and one student aggressively lunged at another, knocking him to the ground.

The fight increased in intensity as one participant delivered a series of blows to the other's head and body, and both ended up tangled on the floor, holding hands in each other's hair, the newspaper said. Efforts by teachers and classmates to separate the high school students were extremely difficult, and the girls continued to ignore their requests to stop them. Amidst the chaos, one of the girls continued to resist her release. “I'm not going down. She's going to kill this woman,” she allegedly said. (Related: Pure Chaos: Two mothers get into a scuffle on a school bus in front of a crowd of screaming children)

School administrators, led by Principal Kim Boudet, released a statement to parents. “Incidents such as this are taken very seriously and immediate action was taken to ensure the safety of students and staff,” Budde said, the Daily Mail reported. “As always, when a situation occurs that puts others at risk, school administrators work quickly to investigate to ensure a safe and secure school environment. Unfortunately, some students chose to film these events on their cell phones. It is important that our students know that our school condemns the use of such personal devices.”

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