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‘What Do You Know That The Rest Of The Country Doesn’t?’: Jesse Watters Presses Fetterman On Continuous Biden Support

Fox host Jesse Watters on Wednesday criticized Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman for continuing to support President Joe Biden as his party's nominee despite calls for him to resign.

Amid growing calls within his party for the president to step down, Fetterman appeared on “Watters Primetime” and said he would support Biden as the party's presidential nominee. (Related article: 'They're power-hungry': Republicans who impeached Trump criticize Democrats for being silent on Biden's decline)

“Tell me about Joe Biden,” Watters said. “72% of Americans think Joe Biden is unfit to be president. You think so? What do you know that the rest of the country doesn't know?”

“Exactly. I don't think a lot of that has really changed,” Fetterman responded. “I know it's gone up a little bit, but America has already realized that Joe Biden is older and he's not as smart as he was five or 10 years ago. Of course that's the reality, but that doesn't mean much to me personally in supporting the president.”

“I don't think I've ever seen anything that would make me want to change that,” he continued. “And I just want to remind everybody watching this: I don't need a job. I don't need anything coming out of this. This isn't to blindly follow him, but I fundamentally believe he was a great president and I believe he can win at the end of the day. That's where I stand.”

Watters continued to question Fetterman about the debate, which he said he had only watched “parts of.” Watters asked Fetterman to clarify whether he had watched “all of it.”

“I didn't see it,” Fetterman said, “and, of course, what I saw was probably the most difficult one. But for me, and a lot of people who watch on Fox, I recognize that Donald Trump may have had a great day and there may have been a great debate about it. But what I want to remind people is that there were people who thought that Donald Trump may have had the same kind of difficulties that Joe Biden had. [did].”

“But he said things that were not true and he said things that I really think are not consistent with some of the values ​​of the majority of people,” he continued. “But make no mistake, Joe Biden didn't have a great debate. But to me, he's going to be the best candidate for us. And he's already beaten Trump, and I think this is our best opportunity to beat Trump again.”

Since last week, a growing number of Democrats have come forward calling for the president to step down, with members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) also urging leadership to join in. DNC member James Zogby wrote a letter to leadership last week outlining a “managed process” that could draft a new nominee for 2024.

Post-debate polling, including the latest Emerson College poll, further indicates growing support for Trump among voters. Showing Trump has a four-point lead at 46%, Biden at 42% and 11% undecided.

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