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Yavapai County Attorney Wins Statewide Award

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Yavapai County Attorney Dennis McGrane announced that Deputy County Attorney Dana Owens has received the 2024 Arizona Prosecutor's Advisory Council's (APAAC) Lifetime Achievement Award during a ceremony held on June 20, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yavapai County, awards, attorney, Dana Owen, Lifetime Achievement Award, prosecutor, Yavapai County Prosecutor's Office, Prescott NewsYavapai County, awards, attorney, Dana Owen, Lifetime Achievement Award, prosecutor, Yavapai County Prosecutor's Office, Prescott News

Courtesy of APAAC: (L to R) APAAC Executive Director Elizabeth Barton Ortiz, Yavapai County Deputy Attorney Dana Owens, Yavapai County Attorney Dennis McGrane and Coconino County Attorney and APAAC President Bill Ring.

“This is a case that has been brought to our attention by the District Attorney Dennis McGrane,” he said.

“I have worked with Dana since she began here 24 years ago and quickly learned what an incredible and consummate prosecutor she is. I believe in getting tough on criminals while also seeking to address the factors that led them to break the law. Dana is the perfect person to accomplish both goals. Several years ago, I asked Dana to lead the Yavapai County Prosecutor's Office's Diversion Program. This innovative program enables non-violent offenders with minimal criminal histories and who commit mental health or substance use related crimes to address the underlying issues behind their behavior and become productive members of their communities.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award is intended to recognize an individual who has had a distinguished career as a prosecutor of at least 18 years, who has made significant contributions to the protection of public safety and the administration of justice, and whose career embodies the highest standards of dedication and commitment to the profession. Due to the nature of this award, it may not be awarded every year.

Owens has served in the Yavapai County Attorney's Office for over 20 years, handling numerous felony cases and overseeing numerous divisions within the office.

In addition to prosecuting serious cases, Owens currently leads the diversion program mentioned above, volunteers and teaches on numerous criminal justice issues throughout the state, and volunteers as an emergency medical technician (EMT).

Due to Owens’ success with the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office Diversion Program, he was asked to serve as co-chair of the Statewide Diversion Working Group that Arizona formed to foster and improve effective diversion programs across the state.

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