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7 Things: Alabama fixes IVF issues; Trump, Biden make dueling border visits; and more …

7. New gambling legislation may be enacted I voted It will be passed by the Alabama Senate next week, but no one really seems to think the plan backed by the state Legislature will get a vote. A bill that would allow the lottery without expanding to casino gambling or sports betting and protect some current gaming entities is likely to pass in the Senate Tourism Committee.

6. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) is set to use the Republican State of the Union address to further fuel speculation that she is on the rise and could be the vice presidential nominee. This is a great opportunity for Britt to introduce herself to the country and media that may not know her, and also highlight the good things about Alabama.

Five. A recent poll by Auburn University in Montgomery shows a very close race in the coastal 1st Congressional District between Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) and Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise). It is shown that Numbers show Mr. Kahl has a 43-35 lead over Mr. Moore, most likely Republican voters, but 22% are undecided and of any race. .

Four. finally confirmation President Joe Biden claims to be a “great man,” but unfortunately that confirmation comes from a villain named Hunter, his son. The email stated that as part of a $5 million deal with China, a “big guy” was going to get 10%, but this is because the conflicts of interest involving the Biden family are obvious to anyone without a journalistic background. Not surprising. Get your degree and press pass.

3. President Donald Trump's long-planned visit to the southern United States border It has been used to call for tougher immigration policies, a sharp contrast to his opponent, President Joe Biden. President Trump, with support from the Border Patrol, issued a national warning about border crime, violence involving illegal immigrants, and border security.

2. President Joe Biden and the White House in response to former President Donald Trump's border visit mention There is little shouting about illegal immigrants as “newcomers” and that they will be tougher than ever at the border. Mr. Biden is less interested in enforcement and more concerned with addressing the humanitarian aspects of the border crisis, including the treatment of immigrants and blaming Republicans.

1. Both the Alabama State Assembly and State Senate protect This bill protects IVF clinics from legal repercussions resulting from a ruling that deems embryos to be “fetuses” and several clinics have suspended some procedures. It highlights the broader debate surrounding reproductive rights and the status of unborn children.

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