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As Biden And Trump Bickered About Golf Handicaps, Here’s A Look Back To George W. Bush Showing World How It’s Done

Presidential golf came up as a topic during last night's debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but no one in the Oval Office could match the sheer vibe that George W. Bush had on the golf course.

It's been nearly 22 years since President Bush uttered his famous line, “We've got to stop terrorism…watch this drive,” and last night it was all I could think about as Trump blasted VP Biden's absurd claim that there had been six roadblocks during his term.

A day on the golf course with Donald Trump would probably be fun, and playing with Biden might even have a morbid sense of amusement as you watch him waddle across the green like a goose searching for thunder, but if I could play golf with any president, past or present, I would always choose Bush. (Click here to sign up for Mr. Right's weekly newsletter)

To give a strong response to terrorist bombings in the Middle East to reporters, to call the shots, and then to step forward and hit a thunderous Versa Drive down the middle of the fairway is the quintessential American thing to do. God bless President Bush. God bless golf. God bless America.

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