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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Clyde, Trump-World Lawyer Slam Republicans After Amendment To Defund ‘Lawfare’ Against Trump Fails

Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia slammed his Republican colleagues on Tuesday after his proposed amendment to end funding for the “legal war” against 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was defeated without their support.

Clyde Fixes The House Appropriations Committee was in the middle of considering the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Services (CJS) spending bill for fiscal year 2025. The amendment failed on a 25-26 vote, with Clyde and President Donald Trump's legal adviser, Mike Davis, blaming House Republicans.

The amendment states that “funds made available by this Act may not be used to prosecute any person who is a declared candidate for President of the United States as of the effective date of this Act before November 5, 2024.” However, the amendment failed as eight Republicans did not vote and one voted against the amendment.

Reps. Juan Siscomani, Republican of Arizona, Mario Diaz-Balart, Republican of Florida, Mike Garcia, Republican of California, Kay Granger, Republican of Texas, Michael Guest, Republican of Mississippi, David Joyce, Republican of Ohio, Dan Newhouse, Republican of Washington and Republican of California, David Valadao, all did not vote in favor of the amendment during its consideration, while Republican Rep. Mike Simpson, Republican of Idaho, voted against it.

Kohler reached out to each office about the vote, but most did not immediately respond.

Diaz-Balart's office told the Caller that “at President Trump's request, the congressman is in the district with the president.”

“It's no secret that the left is using our judicial system as a weapon to meddle in Democrat elections. The American people expect Republicans to put an end to this fraud. That's why I've been working to use my fiscal power to stop taxpayer-funded court fights. But today the House Appropriations Committee failed to adopt my amendment to defund political prosecutions. My bill did not garner enough support because several of my Republican colleagues conveniently 'missed' votes. I am deeply disappointed, but I'm not giving up,” Clyde told the Caller.

Clyde also said he would seek to reintroduce the amendment in the coming weeks.

“I will be leading this important amendment again when the House takes up the FY25 CJS appropriations bill in the coming weeks. I ask my House Republicans to join me in the fight to protect the integrity of our elections, restore public trust in our government, and dismantle our nation's two-tiered judicial system. The American people are watching,” Clyde added. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Trumpworld lawyers send playbook to House Republicans on how to end Biden's 'election interference')

Davis also blasted House Republicans, saying the amendment was defeated because lawmakers can't even show up to work.

“President Biden, his aides and allies are waging an unprecedented legal battle against President Trump, his aides like Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro who are now in prison, his lawyers like John Eastman, Jeff Clark and Rudy Giuliani, and the January 6th supporters who are complicit in a criminal conspiracy to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. House Republicans have let these Biden Democrats walk out the door for nearly four years, yet they haven't even bothered to show up to work and vote to end this legal battle that is ending our republic,” Davis told the Caller. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: One of Trump world's favorite lawyers strategized with House Republicans to end Biden's legal actions against Trump)

In late May, Davis, founder and president of the Article 3 Project, wrote to all House Republicans urging them to do everything in their power to fight back against President Joe Biden's “legal war” against the former president. The letter included six key points that Davis believes House Republicans need to use to adequately defend Trump against the prosecution being pursued by Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) and Democratic state and local prosecutors.

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